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The woman who single-handedly turned Korea into a global film and TV powerhouse

The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired a whole wedding subculture

Dragonlance goes back in time with an excerpt from Dragons of Fate, a new novel

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s latest story arc closes with a fresh look at a powerful villain

In Night Eaters, Turning Red’s generational tension meets giant, bloody orifice demons

When Pokémon came to the US, it literally rained Pikachus

An exclusive excerpt from Critical Role: The Mighty Nein - The Nine Eyes of Lucien

These stunning Lego minifig photos are a fantasy genre all their own

Once upon a time, you could buy Snow White-themed bleach and ammonia

Read an exclusive excerpt from R.A. Salvatore’s new Drizzt novel, Glacier’s Edge

Avatar: The Last Airbender is starting a new story arc — read a full chapter here

A new thriller from the scriptwriter of Jurassic Park and Spider-Man is headed to Netflix

Red Earth, Capcom’s forgotten fighting game, gets a second chance

Read the opening pages of Dragons of Deceit, the first new Dragonlance novel in more than a decade

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Read an excerpt from the new Star Wars: Brotherhood novel all about Obi-Wan and Anakin

Please come look at Batman’s origin story in the comic where the Justice League are dinosaurs

The Star Trek Book of Friendship dives deep into Picard and Riker’s eternal bro-bond

Read an excerpt from Janelle Monáe’s new Dirty Computer book, The Memory Librarian

This Rebel Heart is one of 2022’s most provocative fantasy novels — read an excerpt here

Our five-page look at The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country returns the series to its horror roots

Secret Identity is a ’70s noir set in the cutthroat world of making comics

How High We Go in the Dark pairs Station 11 vibes with a euthanasia theme park for kids

Please cook Luffy’s Meat on the Bone from One Piece for Thanksgiving

Read a brand new excerpt from Leviathan Falls, the final book of The Expanse

The woman whose sexy, violent exploitation films are still overlooked

Read an excerpt from the first Critical Role novel, Vox Machina — Kith & Kin

Timothy Zahn prepares us for the end of the Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy

The Brides of Maracoor continues the story of Wicked, after a 10-year cliffhanger

Read an excerpt from the book that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie

How a pending lawsuit changed the original Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set

The Last Graduate fills the Harry Potter void, and so much more

The exact moment kung fu blew up in America