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What The Oracle turned out to be in the original Matrix movies

Niobe’s connection to The Matrix Resurrections and the larger Matrix story

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Wait, why are we mad at Cortana? Seven things to remember before you play Halo Infinite

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is building a cast fit for an Avengers movie

I’ve pondered the orb and now I can’t go back

Powered by the Apocalypse is the best way to get started with tabletop role-playing games

Arcane season 2 could head to one of these League of Legends locations

Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop plays a pivotal role in every Marvel Universe

Let’s talk about Lisa Trevor in the new Resident Evil movie

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Master Chief’s pee is stored in the suit

Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s post-credits scenes finally give a neglected hero his due

Polygon video producer Patrick Gill makes a stupid youtube thumbnail face while gesturing towards the logos for game middleware tools Oodle, Havok, and Simplygon

A guide to the first 15 seconds of every game

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Every Covenant race in Halo, explained

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Everything you need to know about Halo

How does Samus Aran turn into a ball? An investigation

Should I buy Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack?

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Everything we know about Dune 2

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Who are the Bene Gesserit of Dune?

What is giallo, really?

What we know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ free and paid updates

Here’s how Cookie Run: Kingdom became the latest dessert sensation

Everything you need to know before you play Metroid Dread

Massive Twitch source code, creator earnings hack, explained

Star Wars: Visions’ ‘T0-B1’ nods to Astro Boy to rewire Star Wars’ outlook on droids

Animal Crossing: Who is Brewster, and why are people excited for him?

Finding the Star Wars connections in Star Wars: Visions

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Everything you need to know about Wario

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MiSTer 101: A classic gaming device to rule them all

Activision Blizzard: How a ‘frat house’ workplace led to a sexual harassment lawsuit

Destiny 2’s story is heating up with a compelling political allegory

Breath of the Wild 2’s best fan theories ... so far

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Starfield: What we know about Bethesda’s next RPG