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Fall Guys guide: How to get new cosmetic items and outfits

Where to get new looks for your Fall Guy

Characters from Fall Guys running toward the screen Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it’s you against 59 other players jumping, diving, and grabbing to be the last one standing. Between the free-for-all and cooperative games you’ll be playing — when the Fall Guys servers aren’t struggling — you may find it’s difficult to tell yourself apart from the other players.

Thankfully there are multiple ways to customize your Fall Guy. There are several ways to gain new colors, cosmetics, faces, and more. In this Fall Guys guide, we’ll show you how to get new skins, colors, and other gear for your character.

Fall Guys cosmetic items

In Fall Guys, there are several cosmetic options to customize your character:

  • Colour allows you to apply two-tone color palettes to different designs
  • Pattern takes your colors and jazzes them up with different stylish looks
  • Face is, well, your character’s face and where its eyes live
  • Upper is the top half of any unique outfit
  • Lower is the bottom half of any unique outfit
  • Theatrics are one of four emotes your Fall Guy can do

How to get new cosmetic items

There are currently two ways to get new cosmetics items: Through the rewards on offer each season and in the game’s cosmetics shop.

Each season of Fall Guys runs the course of several weeks — season one is roughly two months long — and has a list of rewards to gain throughout. To gain items through the season, you’ll have to play the game and earn Fame, a form of experience you’ll gain just by playing. The more you play, the more Fame you accrue, which sequentially unlocks the rewards listed on the seasons screen.

The season pass screen in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Each season will be different. Currently season one features several new colors, patterns, outfit sets, and faces to unlock. Once the season is over, these items may not be available again.

You can also purchase new cosmetic items in the Fall Guys shop using in-game and real-world currency. Items listed in the shop change:

  • Every 72 hours if they are a Featured Item or
  • Every 24 hours if they are a Regular Item

You can purchase this rotating list of new gear, colors, Theatrics, and more with either Kudos or Crowns.

The item shop in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital via Polygon

You can get Kudos by playing the game, earning them as season rewards, or you can purchase them with real-world money in the game’s DLC Store. Both the PlayStation Store and Steam allow you to purchase more Kudos in exchange for real-world money. These platforms also offer premium cosmetics bundles purchasable with real-world money, such as an outfit pack that lets you dress up like food.

However, you can’t purchase every every item in the shop with the time spent earning Kudos or with cash. Some cosmetics require Crowns to buy, which you can only get by winning a game of Fall Guys — or via season rewards. Being victorious isn’t easy, so expect some of the most skilled — or lucky — players sporting these items.

If you need some help getting Crowns, check out our Fall Guys beginner’s guide — and don’t forget to actually grab the crown if you make it all the way to the end.

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