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Fall Guys guide: How to gain Kudos and Crowns

It will take some time, cash, or skill

A swarm of Fall Guys try to make their way across lit up platforms Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the latest battle royale-style game to gain popularity recently— perhaps too much popularity. For players scrambling to get wins and set themselves apart in the visual chaos of the game, you might be wondering how to gain in-game currency to unlock brand new skins, colors, and more.

Polygon’s guide on how to earn Kudos and Crowns will break down what you need to know to buy new cosmetic items.

How to get Kudos

Kudos are one of the main forms of currency in Fall Guys. Currently, you can use Kudos to gain new cosmetic items. Spend these purple coins to purchase the following items that will customize your character:

  • Colour - a two-tone palette
  • Pattern - different designs for your colors
  • Face - new looks and colors for your face
  • Upper - top portion of an outfit
  • Lower - bottom portion of an outfit
  • Theatrics - one of four emotes
The item shop in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Spend Kudos and Crowns in the item shop
Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital via Polygon

There are two ways to earn more Kudos to buy items: Earn them through gameplay or buy them for real-world money.

Gaining more Kudos through standard gameplay is easy. As you play games of Fall Guys you’ll naturally be rewarded Kudos for your time. Regardless if you win or lose your matches, you’ll receive this currency simply by playing the game. You also have the opportunity to earn more Kudos through the game’s season as rewards.

If you want a quick stockpile of Kudos, you can also purchase them with your actual money in either the PlayStation Store or on Steam if you’re playing on PC.

How to earn Crowns

Some of the more rare items in the Fall Guys item shop can only be purchased with Crowns. Currently, there only two ways to get Crowns: by winning or through season rewards.

Being victorious can be a challenge — especially with all the Fall Guys trolls out there — so we’ve put together a Fall Guys beginner’s guide to help you come out on top. The rarest pieces of gear in the item shop can only be obtained with Crowns, so if you want to stand apart from everyone else, you’ll have to keep winning or tear through the season rewards.

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