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Bethesda Softworks' long-running franchise of open-world role-playing games set in a nuclear post-apocalypse.

Bethesda cancels Fallout 76’s battle royale mode

Fallout 76’s big quarterly update Locked & Loaded available now

The new Fallout tabletop RPG makes wasteland combat fun again

Fallout 76’s first taco truck is open for business

Meet the Fallout 76 fans making better quests and stories than Bethesda

Fallout 76’s huge fan war is a fight against nukes, glitches, and raiders

Fallout 76’s Brotherhood of Steel update arrives a week early

The Brotherhood of Steel is back in the new teaser for Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update

Fallout: New Vegas remake modders chugging along on 10th anniversary

Bethesda throws Fallout 76 builders a bone with a new CAMP change

What actually happens when a huge game demo fails at E3

Bethesda teases Fallout adaptation for Amazon Prime

Fallout 76 fans are using shop cosmetics to go full communist

Fallout 76’s new NPCs don’t give a shit if you steal

Fallout 76 Wastelanders update brings tougher monsters, better weapon plans

See Fallout 76’s NPCs (and explosives) in a new Wastelanders trailer

Fallout 76 free on Steam — for people who already own it on PC

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The Outer Worlds continues Fallout’s 20-year-old ‘dumb’ mode tradition

Fallout may be the mode’s progenitor, but The Outer Worlds takes the stupidity to new heights

Fallout 76 players are spending months getting their characters sick

Fallout 76 robbery victims say Bethesda gave them all their stuff back, plus more

Fallout 76 players start Deathclaw adoption agency

Fallout 76 genius creates a hilarious, deadly trap: ‘math camp’

Fallout 76’s Christmas is interrupted by inventory-stealing hackers

Fallout 76 is getting a free weekend and a Halloween do-over in December

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The Fallout franchise has had a risky roller coaster of a decade

Fallout 76’s aristocrats are fighting against ‘peasants’ without a subscription

Fallout 76 buyers entitled to refunds, Australia rules

The real enemy within Fallout 76 is capitalism

Players say Fallout 76’s subscription service is busted, Bethesda responds

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Change your name, speedrun organizers tell tomatoanus