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Fallout 4 Nuka-World collectibles guide and locations

Fallout 4: Nuka-World is full of collectible content. From hidden cappys to medallions to star cores, here's how to find them all.

Hidden Cappys

Collect the 10 hidden cappy codes to complete Cappy in a Haystack.

Nuka-Town USA

Located on the wall of the restrooms near Fizztop Mountain.

Galactic Zone

Located behind a bench on the wall near the upper entrance to Spacewalk.

Look for it on the wall near Star Control next to the employee entrance.

Dry Rock Gulch

Located inside Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster along the main quest route. Look for the mannequin bent over.

Located the Dry Gulch graveyard behind a tombstone.

Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant

Located along the quantum river in the World of Refreshment ride. Look for it on the side of a saloon.

Kiddie Kingdom

Located in the funhouse in the spinning disk room. It is behind a red door, two doors down from the one you entered. Be careful as the room is highly irradiated.

Located in the tall destroyed tower just outside the main entrance to King Cola's Castle.

Safari Adventure

Located in the hedge maze. Make a right when entering, another right and it will be at a dead end.

Located behind the gorilla statue outside the primate exhibit. Look for a gap in the bush to access it.


Collect the seven medallions around the park to complete Precious Medals.

Galactic Zone

This medallion is at the end of the Nuka-Galaxy ride, in the exit corridor.

This medallion is at the end of the Vault-Tec: Among the Stars exhibit.

Kiddie Kingdom

This medallion is located at the base of the ferris wheel.

This medallion is in the queue area for the Nuka-Racers ride.

Dry Rock Gulch

This medallion is located in the gift shop area near the exit of the ride.

Safari Zone

This medallion is located in cappy's treehouse at the center of the hedge maze. Take the yellow lift up to the top.

World of Refreshment

This medallion is located at the entrance to World of Refreshment.

Star Cores

You will need 20 star cores to repair the mainframe and complete Star Control. Feed the mainframe 35 star cores, and it will operate at optimum efficiency, allowing you to open the display case in the Starport building and access the Quantum X-01 power armor.

Galactic Zone: Vault-Tec: Among the Stars exhibit

At the first exhibit on the tour, walk to the back where you'll find an expert-locked door. Lockpick the door to find a star core inside.

Located in the control room of the residential section.

Located in the reactor room.

Galactic Zone: Starlight Interstellar Theater

Located in the bathroom.

Located at the rear of the main theater section.

Located upstairs in the projector room.

Located in the kitchen behind a locked door.

Galactic Zone: RoboCo Battlezone

There are two star cores located in the RobCo Battlezone arena. Entering the arena will trigger a battle, and the doors will shut. You must defeat multiple waves of robots to unlock the doors.

Head downstairs to the robot maintenance area to find a star core in a red computer console.

Unlock the door to the left of the entrance. It has an employees only sign. Take the stairs to a control room to find the next two star cores.

Located in the gift shop behind the counter.

Galactic Zone Grounds

Located in the Spacewalk tunnel.

Located by the body of Kendall near the mainframe.

Inside a display case in Starport Nuka on the second floor.

Located in the employees only area by some dumpsters and a body.

Located at the top of the Arcjet Tower.

After exiting Nuka-Galaxy, check behind the gate for a star core.

After you've turned the power on in Power Play, take the elevator in Starport Nuka to the top floor to find a star core.


Turning on the emergency lights via any of the terminals around the ride make looking for the star cores a bit easier.

Go through the door located in the boarding area for the ride. There will be a Gusty in front of a star core.

Head down into the lower levels of the building. Navigate around some meteor decorations until you find a hallway.

This star core is on a console that overlooks one of the alien shootout scenes in the ride.

Located at the ride control console at the end of the ride.

Head through the employees only door and walk up two flights of concrete steps to a red console overlooking the ride.

Open the metal door in that room to find another star core.

Look for a relatively empty area beneath a giant planet. The star core is located on a corner console next to a blocked door.

Outside Galactic Zone

Located in the Nuka-World junkyard located on the west side of your map. The star core is on the second floor of a nearby barn.

Located at the Nuka-Market on Shelbie's stand.

Located in the Nuka-Cola bottling plant. Look for it on the floor after you pass the large nuclear generator.

Located in the Nuka-Cade. Head straight to the back and make a right. Walk through the employees only door and look for a star core on a weapons workbench.

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