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Fallout 4: Nuka-World 'Taken for a Ride' walkthrough

Taken for a Ride triggers when you arrive at Nuka-Station and a voice over the intercom announces the arrival of fresh meat to run the gauntlet. That fresh meat is you, and the gauntlet entrance is at the end of the monorail platform.

The first room in the gauntlet is full of turrets. Take them out or sprint past them.

Make a left when walking into the second room to find a red door with a master lock. Unlocking this door will allow you to bypass most of the tripwire traps in the room. Head up the wooden stairs to the next area of the gauntlet.

Once on the second floor, navigate yourself around or disarm the three-way tripwire trap, and make your way to a room with three red doors. The door on the right drops grenades upon opening, and the middle door has a Jangles cymbal toy. The left door has a passage which will lead you to the next room.

Take a rad-x and head down the ramp to the next room filled with radiation barrels. Beeline to the left of the room where there is a small alcove with a metal shelf and grab the set of rusty keys. Walk to the other side of the room to unlock the door with the key.

Head down to a door that will lead you to the Nuka-World access tunnel. A flight of stairs opens up into a room with two rows of turrets and a Jangles cymbal toy ready to activate them all. Destroy the toy from afar before entering the room. If you've already triggered Jangles and activated the turrets, then head back to the previous room to use the terminal to deactivate them. Unlock the door with the expert lock behind Jangles to proceed to the next area of the gauntlet

The next area has a makeshift maze with a few obstacles such as rad-rat pups, an animatronic alien and mines. Clearing the straightforward maze will take you back into the tunnels. Make your way through the tunnel, paying close attention to frag mine booby-trapped cars.

The tunnel will eventually lead you to a precarious looking plank bridge. Walk across the bridge successfully and there will be an expert locked door. Fail to do so and you'll drop down below into a Mirelurk nest. Run to the opening on the left to escape.

Disarm the tension trap on the next door before heading through. Head through another tunnel of explosives. The next room is equipped to release poisonous gas and has radroaches. Find the key and unlock the security gate to access the terminal to open the other security gate. Doing so will also turn off the gas. Head through the open security gate to the door of the Nuka-World maintenance shed.

The Nuka-World maintenance shed will bring you to a set of concrete steps. Beyond that are clusters of flying ants, grenade bouquets and audience members who have joined in on the fun. Fight or run your way through to the blue door.

You've arrived at the final area of the gauntlet, the Cola-Cars arena. Head through the hole in the locker room bathroom wall to the back room and remove the fusion core. It'll reduce power to the area by 30%, increasing your odds and adding to your stash of fusion cores.

Porter Gage will instruct you through the intercom to locate a weapon he's stashed in the lockers. Once you've grabbed the Thirst Zapper from the locker, head into the arena to take on Overboss Colter. To take him down, soak him with the Thirst Zapper, then unload with your big guns. Speak with Gage when you've defeated Colter to complete Taken for a Ride and begin An Ambitious Plan.

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