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Fallout 4: Nuka-World 'An Ambitious Plan' walkthrough

Follow your waypoint to Fizztop Mountain and take the elevator to the top where Gage will be waiting for you. He'll fill you in on the history of Nuka-World and the unrest between the three rival gangs. Pass a speak check and he'll also reveal the motivations behind the three: the Disciples appreciate violence, the Operators favor money, and the Pack value a show of strength. Your job now is to meet with the gang bosses and earn their support.

The Fizztop Grille and Fizztop Grille patio are your new quarters. Spend some time looting items or using the cooking, chemistry and power armor stations.

Three waypoints mark the locations for the three gang bosses. Find and meet with them in any order.

  • The Disciples are at the base of Fizztop Mountain. Find and meet with Nisha.
  • The Operators operate out of The Parlor. Find and meet with siblings, Mags and William Black.
  • The Pack's nest is at the Bradberton Amphitheater. Find and meet Mason.

Return to Gage to complete the quest and begin The Grand Tour. Gage Porter is now available to be your companion.

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