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Fallout 4: Nuka-World 'Power Play' walkthrough

Complete Home Sweet Home only to find out from Gage that one of the gangs have turned against you. Whichever gang you assigned the least territories to will be the gang that betrays you. Travel to the power plant in Nuka-World to meet the two gang bosses that have remained loyal.

You will be prompted to speak to one of the gang bosses, and both will join your fight to take down the traitorous third gang boss. Head up the road to the power plant and start clearing the area of the gang traitors. Clear the power plant and make your way to the roof to take out the boss.

Perks and weapons

You will receive two perks, depending on the two gangs that side with you.

  • Favoring the Operators will reward you with the Ace Operator perk which increases your stealth while in shadows and allows you to deal more damage with silenced weapons.
  • Favoring the Pack will reward you with the Pack Alpha perk which significantly increases your damage resistance and enables you to deal more damage while unarmed or using melee weapons.
  • Favoring the Disciples will reward you with the Chosen Disciple perk. Melee melee weapons will restore some of your Action Points.

When you speak to the remaining gang bosses after you finish the main questline, they will reward you with a weapon.

  • Mason gives you a the Furious Indigo Rocket Bat, a legendary baseball bat that does increasing damage with each consecutive hit.
  • Mags rewards you with the Relentless Calibrated Powerful Operators Sniper Rifle that refills your actions points when you get a critical hit.

Nisha provides you with the Instigating Disciples Cutlass, which does double damage if the target is at full health.

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