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The Watering Hole walkthrough

The Watering Hole begins as a fetch quest that requires you to travel to HalluciGen, Inc. to pick up some chemical formulas for the Overseer. The quest begins after you complete Power to the People.

Make your way through the entire HalluGen, Inc. facility following the natural path the game gives you. Walk toward the sounds of the hallucinating Gunner Conscript, who you'll see shortly before arriving in the room where the research notes are tucked away in a trunk. Retrieve the notes, and head back to the Overseer.

The Overseer believes that hydration breaks for workers are a waste of time, but she's failed to eliminate the ritual. Her suggestion instead is to distribute chemicals through the Soda Fountain experiment in an attempt to turn it to the collective good.

Choose a location to build the soda fountain. You'll also need a terminal and a power source.

All of the Overseer's experiments have three parameters you can choose from. Your choice of parameters will affect the final version of each object which will be permanently added to the Workshop.

Soda Fountain Parameters

Appetite Suppressant

Choose this parameter to distribute a lipstratin derivative from the soda fountain. It reduces the BMI of subjects. As a result they will consume a quarter or less of a standard ration.

Mood Enhancer

Choose this parameter to distribute a psychoactive compound that will create short term euphoria, potential mild hallucinations and positive feelings about Vault 88.

Generic Caffeination

Choose this parameter to distribute good old caffeine.

After selecting your parameter

After you select your parameter on the terminal, the same series of events will transpire. Clem will first serve soda to the Vault residents for an hour. Check in with him after to hear commentary specific to the parameter you chose.

Completing the experiment with any parameter and reporting back to the Overseer will complete The Watering Hole and trigger Vision of the Future.

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