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Vision of the Future walkthrough

The next peccadillo of the Overseer is the Hippocratic Oath. Vision of the Future triggers after you complete The Watering Hole and requires you to build and power a phoropter or an optometrist station. Using the prototype yourself will give you a Perception Boost.

The Overseer believes doctors should place the collective good above any individual patient's welfare. You can use the Vault-Tec Phoropter to improve a patient's sight or program it to do something more sinister. The Phoropter requires radioactive material you can finding the Uranium caves. (Read Explore Vault 88 for assistance in locating one of these caves.)

Choose a location to build the phoropter. You will need a terminal and power source.

All of the Overseer's experiments have three parameters you can choose from. Your choice of parameters will affect the final version of each object that will be permanently added to the Workshop.

Vault-Tec Phoropter Parameters

Subliminal Message

Choose this parameter to have the phoropter play a loop of subliminal imagery designed to positively improve the subject's view of the Vault, Vault-Tec and the Overseer.

Vault Monitoring

Choose this parameter to activate a small MRI through the phoropter, which will read the subject's mind and display an image of what they're thinking about.

Improved Eye Care

Choose this parameter, and the phoropter will just be a regular optometrist's tool for eye exams.

After choosing your parameter

After choosing any of the parameters through the terminal, return to the Overseer who will begin the experiment with Clem administrating. Talk with the test subject after the experiment concludes.

If you choose subliminal message or vault monitoring, the experiment will outrage the test subject. Pass a speak check, and the settler will stay. Otherwise, the settler will leave.

The Overseer is unconcerned if the settler leaves and is disappointed if you pander to the settler. Regardless, completing the experiment with any parameter and speaking to the Overseer will complete Vision of the Future and trigger Lady Luck.

The next level of puzzles.

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