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Lady Luck walkthrough

This is the last of the Overseer's experiment quests and hopes to capitalize on greed. It requires you to build and power a Slot Machine. Choose a location to build the prototype. You will need a terminal and power source. Using the prototype yourself will give you a Lucky Boost.

All of the Overseer's experiments have three parameters you can choose from. Your choice of parameters will affect the final version of each object which will be permanently added to the Workshop.

Slot Machine Parameters

Indentured Servitude

Choose this parameter to rig the machine so that the player loses every time. Subjects will become addicted to the game, which will result in a high profit.

Customer Profiling

Choose this parameter, and the slot machine winnings will be based on chance — but the machine is outfitted with a camera that will photograph the subject.

Lost Revenue

Choose this parameter to rig the slot machine so the player will win every time.

After selecting your parameter

After you select your parameter on the terminal, the same series of events will transpire. Clem will use the slot machine for an hour. Speak to the Overseer after an hour, and she will check in with Clem.

If you've chosen parameters during the experiments that are against the Overseer's wishes, she will leave the vault in anger after speaking to Clem. Otherwise, the Overseer will share her plans to head out into the Wasteland. She will pass the mantle of Overseer to you. Successfully convince her to stay, and she will change her mind.

From all of the outcomes., you will receive the Legend of Vault 88, a vault suit that reduces damages from Ghouls by 15 percent.

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