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Fallout 4: Out of Time walkthrough

Out Of Time

A nuclear war and 200 years can do a lot to a town, so take your time soaking everything in. You can also check out our Beginner's Guide to start off on the right foot. There you’ll learn the basics of hacking, crafting, and even how to be efficient with your time. The guide also introduces you to settlements, which is new to the Fallout series.

Explore, pick up stuff, and make your way out of the vault.

Between Vault 111 and your home in Sanctuary Hills, you'll already come across a couple collectibles including your first holotape and comic book. Consult our Collectibles Guide for a list of bobbleheads, magazines, holotapes and lunchboxes.

By following the waypoints, you'll head back to your house and be reunited with Codsworth. As you follow him around town, you’ll learn how that there are items of interest in many corners, from simple items to scavenge to safes with more useful goods. You’ll continue the basic combat training that you started in Vault 111 with more insects in the outdoors.

After this, head south to the nearby town of Concord. Once you reach Concord, head toward the shootout at the Museum of Freedom. If you're unsure who to attack, it's the guys on the ground. Defeat them to complete the quest.

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