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Fallout 4: Quartermastery walkthrough

This fetch quest — assigned by Scribe Haylen as part of the Semper Invicta quest — takes you to the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. It's a junk yard adjacent to Abernathy Farm, south of Sanctuary Hills.

Before you travel to the lockup, be sure your Locksmith perk has been upgraded to two stars, allowing you to pick Expert locks.

With the Locksmith upgrade, you'll be able to enter the large tanker in the lockup and pick up the item Haylen wanted, a haptic drive. Give the item to her to complete the quest.

As one of the Radiant Brotherhood quests, these recurring fetch missions assigned by Scribe Haylen are useful opportunities to level up and pick up collectibles. For example, one of her other missions will lead you to Trinity Church for a firefight against some Super Mutants, the retrieval of a reflex capacitor, and a lunchbox.

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