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Far Harbor: Hull Breach 1 walkthrough

This quest is available in two ways:

  • Speak to Captain Avery after defending the hull.
  • Immediately after defending the hull, the Mariner might come up to you to initiate Hull Breach. which will concurrently start Living on the Edge.

Head inside of Eagle's Cove Tannery. If you lockpicking level allows it, unlock the Master lock on the blue door. Otherwise, head outside to find an unlocked door around the building.

Collect the power tools from a duffel bag on the lower level of the tannery.

Find the Tannery Key on the body of a Putrid Glowing to unlock a door in the same area.

A man named Machete Mike will appear as you leave the tannery and present you with a proposition to sell the tools to him instead. Selling the tools (2,750 caps with a successful speech check) will still complete Hull Breach but will fail the Help The Mariner task on the Living on the Edge.

Return the tools to the Mariner for a caps reward and to complete the quest.

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