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Far Harbor: Living on the Edge walkthrough

This quest is available in two ways:

  • Speak to Captain Avery after defending the hull.
  • Immediately after defending the hull, the Mariner might come up to you to initiate Hull Breach, which will concurrently start Living on the Edge.

Find Cassie Dalton sitting on a chair on the dock. She'll ask you for your help avenging members of her family. Accept to start Blood Tide.

Complete the Mariner's quest, Hull Breach.

Speak to Captain Avery and ask her if she needs any help to receive the Safe Passage quest.

After acquiring and finishing the aforementioned tasks to help the citizens of Far Harbor, speak to Teddy Wright. He will mostly likely appear and initiate the conversation himself, otherwise follow your waypoint indicator to his location in Far Harbor. Accept the challenge to attempt the Captain's Dance to complete Living on the Edge and to trigger Rite of Passage.

Though not an official task given, you can find Andrew in the clinic and convince Teddy to let you treat him. You'll need an Intelligence stat of 8+ and a Medic stat of 2 to improvise a treatment and heal him.