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Far Harbor: The Hold Out walkthrough

Speak to Mitch after completing Living on the Edge to trigger this quest. Head to the National Park Visitor's Center to find Uncle Ken. Keep an eye out as he has mines near the entrance.

Uncle Ken, while appreciative of Mitch looking out for him, is not so pleased with your visit. He says an attack is imminent. You've set off his traps. and he hasn't had time to reset them. Use the workbench to create defenses and then fend off a wave of Trappers. Two turrets on the columns near the entrance should suffice.

After the firefight, speak with Uncle Ken. You can either convince him to go back to Far Harbor or let him stay at the Visitor's Center. Use a series of speech checks, and a little force, for the former. Return to Mitch, and he will reward you with a Firebelly Recipe regardless of if Uncle Ken returns or not. The Firebelly recipe allows you to craft a beverage to do more damage and gradually increases at low health.

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