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Far Harbor: Turn Back the Fog walkthrough

After completing Living on the Edge, speak to Small Bertha. Head out to Echo Lake Lumber Mill (it's south of Eden Meadows Cinemas) and clear the ghouls in the area.

To reach ghouls a floor above, use the locked blue door in the room. Alternatively, climb across the shelves in the middle of the room to jump across. Check the steamer trunk upstairs for a legendary weapon and some ammo.

As you make your way out of the building, a Trapper named Malcolm will stop you. His appearance will differ each encounter. You have four options to complete the quest:

  • Get paid to lure settlers to the Lumber Mill where Malcolm will eat them. This will complete the quest but will fail to unlock the workshop at Echo Lake Lumber Mill.
  • Kill Malcolm and report back. Small Bertha will then speak to Avery to acquire Fog Condensers for the new homestead.
  • Tell Malcolm to keep the land for himself. If you choose this and tell Bertha, you will fail The Changing Tide.
  • Tell Malcolm to keep the land. Then report back to Bertha to say the area has been cleared of ghouls, save for one Trapper.

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