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Fallout 76 robbery victims say Bethesda gave them all their stuff back, plus more

Players get bunch of Atoms, the premium currency, for their troubles

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Some of the more than 500 PC players robbed by Fallout 76 miscreants exploiting yet another bug over the holidays have not only had their inventories restored by Bethesda Game Studios, they’ve been given the game’s premium currency as a make-good.

This thread from Thursday in the Fallout 76 subreddit features comments from multiple players saying Bethesda managers cloned earlier versions of their characters in order to replace what was stolen — which means that in some cases they’ve doubled the stock of certain items, some of it really valuable. They’ve also been given Atoms, the microtransaction currency that buys scrap kits, cosmetics, plans and other goodies in the game’s Atom Store.

“Bethesda sent me an email today not only saying I would be getting back a 100% of the items I lost but will also be given 8250 atoms,” wrote thread-starter JedediahJedi. “Way above and beyond what I expected. […] Good on you Bethesda.”

JedediahJedi said Bethesda cloned their character and offered help transferring everything back to the original one. The 8,250 Atoms appears to be tied to whether a robbery victim was a Fallout 1st subscriber at the time of the crime, or not. Fallout 1st gives players 1,650 Atoms per month for their $12.99 buy-in. So those who were subscribers get five months’ worth of Atoms, and those who weren’t get three months, plus another three months of Fallout 1st access.

The exploit came to light just before Christmas. Hackers could open other players inventories and just take anything they wanted from it. This video shows the hack, which only affected the PC version of Fallout 76, in action. JedediahJedi says that’s their character getting burgled at the 1:35 mark.

On Dec. 24, Bethesda acknowledged the exploit and asked players victimized by the hack to send tickets to the company’s customer support team. The exploit itself was quickly patched out.

Redditor n0b0d7 added that they were also given a clone of their character from Dec. 20, three months of Fallout 1st and 4,950 atoms. “Same for me!” said Boavisteiro. “Really happy with them for fixing the mess and rewarding the players who lost their items.”

Another redditor pointed out that this was all good news because “We now know for certain that Bethesda can restore lost items somehow.” Good point, as Fallout 76 has frequently run into inventory bugs, exploits and other issues since its November 2018 launch.

It also leaves JedediahJedi and others with the happy problem of what to do with the extra stuff they have but don’t need. He’s going to give away “an ungodly amount” of scrap that has now doubled, via some kind of lottery-style drawing among the community. “Will also give away a set of the lower end [Fasnacht] masks […] And hell, a couple fully decked suits of power armor.”