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Far Cry 5 magnopulser guide: How to get a bizarre alien gun

Larry Walker, little green men and the weirdest weapon

Far Cry 5’s magnopulser alien gun Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Far Cry 5’s Larry Parker is one of Holland Valley’s most interesting characters. His story arc covers four missions that will earn you the Science Fact achievement/trophy, some cash and resistance points, and unlock a fun new alien, sci-fi gun (the magnopulser) and some new kicks. The four missions and their walkthroughs (as much as they need them) are below. Follow along, and you’ll learn how to get the magnopulser.

Free Larry story mission

You might hear about Larry over the radio which will make him show up on your map. If you don’t, he’s at a place called Parker Laboratories just west of Fall’s End. As always, watch for cultists as you approach — there’s a spot right across the street where a couple tend to hang out.

Larry is Hope County’s version of a mad scientist. He’ll be trapped in his own invention when you arrive. When you approach, you’ll pick up the Free Larry side mission. To free him, all you have to do is turn off the three generators around the property. Follow the blue cables to each generator, and shut them down. There’s one on the trailer’s porch, one on the opposite side of the trailer and one next to the shed at the east edge of Larry’s property.

Before you move on to the next side mission, loot his trailer. There’s a safe with $250 inside and a collectible comic on his desk.

The Hero’s Journey side mission

After you rescue Larry (from himself), he’ll ask you to destroy “their” listening devices on the PurpleTop Telecom Tower. The tower is just a little east-southeast of Larry’s place — you can actually see it from there. If you don’t have a vehicle, there’s some cultists hanging out just a little down the road to the east where you can pick one up.

Take out any cultists that are hanging around when you get to the tower, then take out the wolf that’s locked inside the fence. (You can do this before or after you break the lock, but before is a lot safer). Watch for other nosy cultists while you take on the tower — there’s some off to the east that might take an interest if you’re too noisy.

Break the lock off the fence and grapple your way up to the first platform on the tower. Climb up the three ladders to find your first listening device — it’s a satellite dish. Shoot it a few times to knock it out, then grapple up to the next platform.

There’s another dish you can shoot here. Climb up the ladder. There’s a backpack on the platform you can loot, but your way up is blocked. Luckily, Larry shows up with a helicopter that you can grapple on to. Climb up into the helicopter and take out the remaining three dishes. (Alternately, you can swing yourself onto the top of the tower without ever climbing into the helicopter.)

Larry will take you both back to the lab, but, of course, there are six cultists waiting for you. Hop out of the helicopter and clear them out so Larry can land. When we played, the AI had a lot of trouble deciding it was OK to move on, so if Larry just keeps circling and refusing to land, wander away a little bit and come back. He should be inside his trailer.

Close Encounters side mission

For you next side mission, Larry will send you to the crop circle to the west. He’s left the helicopter from The Hero’s Journey parked right outside if you don’t feel like walking.

Your job is to find four alien objects:

  1. The first is right in the center, protected by three turkeys.
  2. The second is to the east at the end of the crop circle. This one is protected by a cultist with a flame thrower.
  3. The third is at the top of a silo to the southwest. Run around to the far side of the silo, then climb the ladder onto the roof of the short silo next to it. Hop to the other short silo, then onto the ledge on the main silo. Climb the ladder to the top, then jump up to the platform above you. Take another ladder up to the very top where you’ll find the object in a big bird’s next.
  4. At the top of the silo, pull out your binoculars and look for a dog vaguely north of you. He just wants someone to play with him, so he’s stolen the final alien object. Chase him down, maybe pet him a little, and he’ll drop the object for you. (Alternately, you could shoot him, we guess, but that would make you a monster.)

Take the objects back to Larry to receive your final side mission.

Out of This World side mission (how to get the magnopulser)

Larry needs more power to run his Dynamic Laser Capacitor, and it’s up to you to provide it. Head to the transformer station to the north — you can walk or take Larry’s helicopter again.

When you get there, you can go through the front door or through a hole in the fence at the back. Follow your HUD marker to a shed in the northwest corner. There are five switches you need to throw for Larry. The first one is in this shed. Once you throw the first one, though, an alarm will sound and cultists will start showing up, so be prepared. Each of the switches will show up on your HUD, so just shoot your way through any cultists that show up and keep following along to throw the first three.

The fourth switch is up in the tower at the back of the fenced in area. Once you throw that one, take the zip line across to the tower in the northwest corner. Flip the final switch and head back to Larry.

Your very last step is to push the button on the generator on his porch. Larry will … succeed(?) and leave you a magnopulser and his shoes. Once you pick them up, they’ll be unlocked in any store you visit.

Using the magnopulser

The magnopulser is has two ranges. From a distance, it will throw your target. It’s a little indiscriminate, though, so be careful where you point it. Up close, on the other hand, the magnopulser will vaporize your target. You’ll lose any loot, but it’ll leave behind guns and ammo.