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Far Cry 5 guide: What to sell

The answer is animal skins

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Most of the loot you pick up in Far Cry 5 is either cold, hard cash or bullets that go right back into the war effort. That means that making a ton of money isn’t exactly important, but there’s always something to spend money on, like a shiny new gun or a paint job for your third helicopter. You might not need them to play the game, but also, you kind of do. So that means selling anything you can at general shops. There are only a couple of kinds of items you can sell to vendors — maps and hunting loot.

Below we’ll talk a little more about the kinds of maps, magazines, animal skins, feathers and fish you’ll be able to find and sell. We’ll also list the prices you’ll get for all of them.

Maps and magazines

As you explore the buildings and bunkers of Hope County, you’ll occasionally find maps and magazines that you can pick up. They’re marked with a map pin icon on your HUD. There’s even a couple you’ll be able to buy from stores.

Both maps and magazines add hunting and fishing locations to the map in your menu. Once the spots are added, you can sell the map or magazine for a little cash and not lose the information.

Hunting (and fishing)

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Hunting animals and then selling their parts is the best way to make money in Far Cry 5.

There are 15 different kinds of animals in Hope County. When you loot their corpses, you’ll collect at least one animal skin. Some animals’ pelts are worth more than others, so check the tables below for their values. There are several kinds of birds that you can hunt — ducks, eagles, grouse, turkey and vultures — but all of them drop the same item: feathers.

The other outdoor pastime in Far Cry 5 is fishing. There are 12 kinds of fish you can catch in the waters around the valley.

Getting the most out of hunting

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Hunting earns you the most money for your time no matter what, but you can still improve on it:

  • You’ll can collect an extra skin if you shoot an animal with a bow instead of a gun
  • You double the number of skins you collect if you unlock the harvest master perk

The best way to hunt is to find somewhere where the animals are concentrated so you don’t spend a lot of time walking around. Our favorite is the Harris Residence in Holland Valley. If you’re into big game — bison and moose — check out the Taft Lookout Tower on the east side of the Henbane River region.

How to sell items

At any general store — they’ve got the green handgun icon on your map — choose sell loot. There’s no reason to keep anything that shows up in the list of items available to sell, so you can feel free to just press Triangle/Y/tab to quick sell everything you have.

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Maps and magazines sell for $180 each. All but two of the fish sell for $100 each — sturgeon sell for $150. Everything else is in the table below.

Far Cry 5 animal skin prices

Animal Price
Animal Price
Alpha black bear skin $300
Alpha deer skin $300
Alpha hare skin $350
Alpha moose skin $350
Alpha wolverine skin $400
Bison skin $200
Black bear skin $185
Boar skin $170
Caribou skin $190
Cougar skin $225
Damaged meat $5
Damaged skin $5
Deer skin $180
Elk skin $190
Feather $100
Grizzly skin $185
Hare skin $300
Moose skin $200
Pronghorn skin $180
Skunk skin $170
Wolf leader skin $225
Wolf skin $170
Wolverine skin $170

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