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Far Cry 5 silver bars in a safe

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Far Cry 5 silver bar locations guide

Where to find silver bars (mostly in safes at cult outposts)

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Collecting Far Cry 5 silver bars allows you to buy prestige clothes, skins, vehicles and weapons from every shop in the game. In this guide, we’ll tell show you how and where to find them — and every cult outpost in Faith, Jacob and John’s regions.

How to find silver bars

The most reliable silver bars are cult outposts, the locations that you battle to control. Every outpost in Far Cry 5 has silver bars hidden somewhere. They’re typically in a safe, and those safes are often hard to find. Below, we’ll show you the location of the silver bars in each outpost. Find them, and you’ll get 40 silver bars.

Alternatively, you can buy silver bars with real-world money from the Far Cry 5 shop.

Buying silver bars in the Far Cry 5 shop
The Far Cry 5 shop
Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

How to open a safe in Far Cry 5

To open a Far Cry 5 safe, you have three options:

  1. Buy the or locksmith (6 SP) perk, which grants you the magical power to open locked safes and doors that don’t require a keycard. (Check out our Far Cry 5 skills and perks guide for more information on the best perks.)
  2. Buy the repair torch (5 SP) perk, which lets you melt your way into safes.
  3. Blow safes up with a remote explosive.

As fun as the third option is, the perks are less expensive in the long run. And they won’t spook any of your friends in the area. In fact, you should really just buy the Locksmith perk. Some safes are behind locked doors, and the perk lets you open them, too.

Faith’s region (Henbane River) silver bar locations

Far Cry 5 Faith’s region (Henbane River) cult outpost map Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft via Polygon

Faith controls the southeast portion of the map in the Henbane River region. You can find silver bars in seven cult outposts as well as in Hope County Jail.

Eden’s Convent silver bars

Enter the church from the south, and turn left. Look up at the ceiling above the pile of boxes, and you’ll see a hole. Climb up there, and the safe with the silver bars is against a wall.

Hope County Jail silver bars

The Hope County jail’s silver bars are in a safe around the corner from the shop.

Jessop Conservatory silver bars

On the east side of the largest building, you’ll see scaffolding and a blue ladder. Climb up the ladder, bash the wood that’s covering the window, and you’ll find the safe with silver bars inside.

King’s Hot Springs Hotel silver bars

The silver bars in King’s hot springs hotel are on the third floor, in room 301.

Lorna’s Truck Stop silver bars

Lorna’s Truck Stop’s silver bars are behind a locked door in the green shed. Get the locksmith perk if you don’t have it to unlock the door. Inside, you’ll find plenty of ammo and money, as well as a safe with the silver bars.

Nolan’s Fly Shop silver bars

The silver bars in Nolan’s Fly Shop are in a building with a doorway blocked with plywood. Bash on the plywood to destroy it, and your loot is sitting in a table inside the building.

Sacred Skies Youth Camp silver bars

The silver bars are located in a shack to the east of the Sacred Skies Youth Camp. (See the second image in the gallery above for the precise location.) Smash the wood covering the door, and inside you’ll find a safe to crack and silver bars to loot.

Whistling Beaver Brewery silver bars

Enter the main building through the large, open door on the right. Turn left, and you’ll see three silver brewery machines. Crouch and walk under them. Turn left, and in the distance you’ll see the safe holding the silver bars.

Jacob’s region (Whitetail Mountains) silver bar locations

Far Cry 5 Jacob’s region cult outpost silver bars map Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft via Polygon

Jacob Seed controls the northern part of the map in the Whitetail Mountains.

Baron Lumber Mill silver bars

The Baron Lumber Mill’s silver bars are located in a safe in the Baron Lumber Mill office, which is a trailer near the shop.

Drubman Marina silver bars

Drubman Marina’s silver bars are hiding in plain sight. Sort of. You just have to break through the plywood covering a window in a building next to the heliport. Hop through the hole you’ve created, and your loot is sitting right there on the floor.

Elk Jaw Lodge silver bars

Enter the lodge through the blue door near the tattered American flag. On the wall in front of you, you’ll find the safe holding the silver bars.

FANG Center silver bars

These silver bars are in a building next to the FANG Center sign. Walk in and open the safe to claim your reward.

PIN-KO Radar Station silver bars

The PIN-KO Radar Station’s silver bars are in a building to the west, just down the road from the largest structure. (See the gallery above.) If you have the locksmith perk, you can just enter and pick the lock on the door. If you don’t, the key is at the top floor of the largest building. (See the gallery above again.)

Whitetail Park Ranger station silver bars

Enter the Patrol Cabin, and immediately turn left. The safe holding the silver bars is right there in the corner.

John’s region (Holland Valley) silver bar locations

John’s region cult outpost silver bars map Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft via Polygon

John Seed controls the southwest part of the map in Holland Valley. You can find silver bars at each of the seven cult outposts, as well as Falls End.

Copperhead Rail Yard silver bars

Copperhead Rail Yard’s silver bars are well hidden. Look for a railway car on its side. Climb up to the top using the boxes piled next to it. Enter the train car from the top (there’s a ladder up there), and you’ll find the safe inside.

Falls End silver bars

The silver bars in Falls End are in the garage. Enter the waiting room, and you’ll find the safe next to a Tana Cola vending machine.

Gardenview Packing Facility (Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin farm) silver bars

Gardenview Packing Facility (near Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin farm), has its silver bars in a red building with a “sales & office area” sign on the outside. Enter under the sign and turn right. Open the door there (which you can as long as you have the right perk — and if you don’t you’ll need to find the key). Enter the room and open the safe for your reward.

Green-Busch Fertilizer Co. silver bars

The silver bars in Green-Busch Fertilizer Co. are at the top of the highest structure in this outpost. Climb up there, and you’ll find the safe in which they’re hiding.

Kellett Cattle Co. silver bars

Walk in the front door of the pale green building, down the hallway in front of you, past the arcade cabinet and turn right. Unlock the Kellett Cattle Co. door (buy the locksmith perk if you need it) and open the safe inside.

Seed Ranch silver bars

The Seed Ranch’s silver bars are located in the airplane hanger. Inside, you’ll see a chain-link fence along one of the walls. Climb some boxes to reach the other side, and you’ll find a safe. Open it to collect 40 silver bars.

Sunrise Farm silver bars

The Sunrise Farm silver bars are in the red building with the “Pumpkin Patch” sign hanging above the door. At the far end (as you walk in), you’ll see a loft. Climb up there and turn right to find the safe.

US Auto silver bars

Enter the building with the big, blue “computer diagnostics” sign hanging over the door. Turn right as you enter, and go into the office. Walk behind the desk, and turn around (so that you’re facing the door where you came in. Look up. Jump on the desk and up into the area above the office. You’ll see a safe in the distance. Open it to collect your 40 silver bars.

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