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Jim Henson’s kids explain why Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would never get made today

And how The Jim Henson Company is still doing puppets in a CG-standard world

VTuber Selen Tatsuki’s Nijisanji termination creates uproar and backlash

‘I knew it would be bad for everyone involved if it went this last possible route’

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The video game funding gap: How investors are failing marginalized developers

‘There is a massive disparity on how funding is allocated in the industry’

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At Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark, I watched a new cinematic ritual being born

Oh hai, shark

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The miracle of Palworld isn’t its popularity, it’s that it exists at all

The road to Palworld was rocky, to say the least

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Anime is huge — and we finally have numbers to prove it

Polygon surveyed more than 4,000 people to demystify anime’s reach within the world of pop culture.

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Neopets community in delight and discord over the return of original pet art

Pets with old Neopets art, known as UCs, will be accessible to all

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Small board game publishers harassed by international counterfeiters

It’s a high-stakes game of whack-a-mole

Jake Johnson says he combined 2 really unlikely movies to make Self Reliance

‘It’s like putting spaghetti with sushi. But I think it tastes good together!’

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Sports fandom deepened my friendships and gave me the superpower of small talk

How Formula One fandom opened up a whole new world for me

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Denzel Washington’s 26 best action movies, ranked

From grimy ’90s action thrillers to the Equalizer franchise

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Mimimi Games revived a genre, pushed it forward, and then shut down

One of 2023’s best DLCs is also a bittersweet goodbye

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The Hobbit extended editions, edible testicles and all, unleashed Peter Jackson

Under studio pressure, Jackson found a few places to play

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I spent 3 nights at Nintendo’s original HQ

The hotel poses a question: Who will preserve Nintendo’s legacy in the same way?

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Solo board games are a salvation from an online world

The growing popularity of solo tabletop experiences shows fun doesn’t have to be shared

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Romance and fantasy spawned this year’s biggest breakout genre

Romantasy took TikTok and bestseller lists by storm

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Tears of the Kingdom’s inventiveness is baked into its sound design

It’s full of Easter eggs and new ideas

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Emma Stone gave Poor Things an unexpected happy ending, says director Yorgos Lanthimos

The director and screenwriter Tony McNamara on how Bella Baxter took over their movie

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Ranking the high and low notes of every Broadway musical adapted as a movie

The Color Purple, Cats, Les Misérables, Into the Woods, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and more

Zack Snyder lifted Rebel Moon’s griffin scene from his own unmade 300 sequel

Plus: why Jena Malone was his choice to play a half-spider mom

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There’s ‘an awful lot of Shakespeare’ in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dark Urge

Neil Roberts, who also plays Tav 5, had to voice the entire game 3 times over

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Fortnite’s Marriott Bonvoy Land is a ghost town of video game sadness

It’s all rather strange and sad

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Star Wars: Unlimited pushes the limits of galactic warfare — and deck building

Write the stories of iconic Star Wars battles in Fantasy Flight’s latest TCG

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The Sacrifice Game’s director carefully avoided summoning any actual demons

‘I’m an atheist, but I don’t want to fuck with real demons’

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How The Day Before went from Steam darling to disaster

The zombie survival game is one of gaming’s biggest flameouts ever

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With Exodus, ex-BioWare devs aim to be ‘a titan’ in the RPG space again

Archetype sets its sights on Mass Effect, Interstellar, and a renewed role-playing craze

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Rick and Morty opened a portal to the multiverse and the rest of pop culture jumped through

Rick and Morty, 100 minus 90 years, forever and forever

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is even more chaotic with 16 people in your party

Party Limit Begone is exactly how it sounds

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How K-dramas came to and dominated America

The story of Korean dramas’ crossover moment, and the shows to watch that explain it all

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John Woo on returning to Hollywood at 77 and trying ‘to do it a bit different’

The director digs into his new dialogue-free movie Silent Night, and how his crew went rogue to add doves

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When the makers of Pokémon Go and Sleep No More tried to reinvent theater

Niantic and Punchdrunk spent years designing a gamified theatrical experience that never happened

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Saltburn is a ‘lick the rich, suck the rich’ movie, says Emerald Fennell

The writer-director talks ‘forbidden secretions,’ internet fame and fandom, and what we all want from celebrities

The next level of puzzles.

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