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What happened when Sega courted female players in the mid-’90s

How a group of Sega executives helped make video games more inclusive

The writers of Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 on reinvigorating a cult classic

Messy characters make for a bloody game set in modern-day Seattle

The dangers of in-game data collection

Can your choices come back to haunt you?

What it’s like to map a galaxy in Elite: Dangerous

Real explorers making their mark on virtual worlds

After many called out Channel Awesome for workplace issues, they’re finding similar issues with YouTube

We look at some of the ongoing challenges of being an independent video producer online

Red Dead Redemption 2: six months later

A detailed look at the failures, and success, of Rockstar’s latest hit

Photo gallery: Tokyo game landmarks at night

Liam Wong shows an alternate side of Tokyo in shots for an upcoming book

How Nintendo introduced the Game Boy, Tetris, and Pokémon to the West

We look back ahead of the console’s 30th anniversary

The 30 greatest Game Boy games

One for each year of the system’s life

How Earth Defense Force went from bargain bin to blockbuster

One of the most appropriate blockbusters this side of Arkanoid

There are two Captain Marvels — this is the amazing story of why

It’s the story of the entire history of American comics

Devil May Cry 5: The post-mortem interview

From the game’s development history to its focused nature to the coolest way to pick up a phone

Every Disney direct-to-video sequel, prequel, and mid-quel, ranked

What we mean when we talk about ‘Disney plus’

Morrowind: An oral history

‘Here’s a world. Go play it how you wanna play it’

The complete ranking of the Metroid series

Just in time for Super Metroid’s quarter-centennial, we sort the weak from the strong

The co-creator of Dwarf Fortress is getting older, but his work remains unfinished

An interview with Tarn Adams, also known as Toady One

How one teen on DeviantArt sparked lifelong dating sim obsessions

The story of Pacthesis, her dating sims for girls, and the fans who still thank her

Elite’s Distant Worlds 2 expedition: Building a starbase in the center of the Milky Way

Eight weeks in, the fleet is unified in its purpose

The Agent before Agent, a lost Rockstar San Diego project

Before Rockstar North revealed its spy game Agent, Rockstar San Diego was working on something similar

The state of BioWare

With a project over six years in the making, the storied game studio enters a new era

Elite’s Distant Worlds 2 expedition proves the game is wildly unbalanced, and that’s OK

Two different groups are working at cross purposes, and both seem to be having a great time

How NES launch negotiations, Tetris, and Lode Runner inspired boutique game publisher Tozai

We look at the history of the company keeping classic American game franchises alive — with a distinctly Japanese flavor

When collection sparks joy in Red Dead Redemption 2

There are a lot of things to collect — and dogs to pet — in the immersive cowboy game

The voice of Shenmue reflects on 20 years of Ryo Hazuki

And teases his work on Shenmue 3

Designing the game console of the future (in 1997)

How one clever idea inspired a life of creativity

How Resident Evil 2 fell apart, then became one of Capcom’s biggest hits

A new book excerpt tells the story of what happened behind the scenes

Elite’s Distant Worlds 2 travelogue: a week filled with wonder and wreckage

Taking in the sights with a fleet that’s grown to nearly 13,000 players

The launch of Distant Worlds 2 crashed Elite’s servers, but fans didn’t seem to care

Day one of an 18-week journey to the edge of the Milky Way

How to write a video game story

I took a game writing course. Here’s what I learned

Elite’s Distant Worlds 2 expedition: Packing for a trip to the edge of the Milky Way

The largest player-led event in the spacefaring MMO’s history marks a new beginning for its community

Leapfrogging Trico: Vane’s journey from Last Guardian appetizer to dessert

Development studio Friend & Foe is days away from releasing its first game

The team behind Alto’s Adventure tackles skateboarding

A new attempt at making skateboarding work on your phone