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Three days in the woods with Psychonauts 2 backers

We tag along on one of the most elaborate crowdfunding rewards to date

Take a closer look at one of the best video game cities, Grim Fandango’s Rubacava

We present an excerpt from the upcoming book Virtual Cities

A brief history of Spider-Man games

He’s a vigilante, a public menace and the star of more than three decades of absurd video games

What is cyberpunk?

We present a brief history of the near future

The Ripper: The disturbing Visceral Games project that never was

About 10 years ago, Electronic Arts developed and then canceled a game about Jack the Ripper. This is its story.

Revisiting The Order: 1886 with developer Ready At Dawn

We look back at one of the prettiest — and shortest — PS4 exclusives

The Greg Miller story

One of gaming’s most popular internet personalities talks about life, games and celebrity

What’s in your backlog? We asked game designers, artists, writers and more

The games that some of our favorite people in the industry still have to play

The 11 Wii U to Switch ports we need immediately

Missed these games on Wii U? Or missed Wii U entirely? There’s room on Switch for us all to play catch-up.

Welcome to Backlog Week

A time to revisit games we may have missed and revisit favorites with fresh eyes

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RPGs need in-game recaps to help us out

Just like serialized TV, role-playing games should start catching us up on what we may have forgotten

How to make a game about drinking with Satan

A chat with Night School Studio about its upcoming game Afterparty

Gaming’s toxic men, explained

Experts tackle the phenomenon of angry men, trolls, racists and misogynists who hover around the video game industry

A forgotten DOS game helped me cope with childhood

Artist Carta Monir on Magic Pockets

The 35 greatest NES games, part 2

Take a look at the top 15 games on Nintendo’s groundbreaking console

The video games of Ecuadorean fishing village Santa Marianita

We take another look at how people find ways to play games everywhere

How a Diablo expansion led to behind the scenes trouble

Dig into the story behind Diablo: Hellfire

The life of a Grand Theft Auto role-player

A subset of GTA Online players has found a way to make its own fun

Why are game companies so afraid of the politics in their games?

Social issues are profitable, they just don’t want to talk about it

Meet Mark Doherty, the man behind the Fake Kaz Hirai Twitter account

And find out why he decided to call it quits

Players keep spending thousands of dollars on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Community members tell stories of banner addiction

The Fallout timeline

History ... never changes

The rocky story of Retro Studios before Metroid Prime

It was a long road getting to one of Nintendo’s most-loved games

Splatterhouse 2010: What went wrong

We look into what happened behind the scenes with BottleRocket Entertainment’s final game

Life, and how to live it, explored in a new game

Walden follows in the footsteps of a great American thinker

The past, present and future of The Binding of Isaac

With the final update released, is the creator ready to step away?

Five years later, Sony looks back at how the DualShock 4 Share button happened

The definitive ranking of Donkey Kong games

From mathematic misery to mighty masterpieces, it’s every Kong adventure listed from least to best

Meet the studio behind Call of Duty: Black Ops and Zombies mode

Before the reveal of Black Ops 4, Treyarch looks back at its work on Call of Duty

Panzer Dragoon Saga: An oral history

For the 20th anniversary of one of the most beloved role-playing games, we tracked down 15 people who worked on it and asked them to look back

The Pokémon Draft 2018: Who goes No. 1?

The talent pool is much deeper than the NFL’s

Toy companies analyze Nintendo’s plans for Labo

We talk with those making other build-it-yourself experimental tech toys