iOS Gaming Watch List: Random Heroes, Bad Hotel, and Critter Escape

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The most promising iPhone and iPad releases for August 16th, 2012.

Each week the iOS Gaming Watch List will inform you of some noteworthy releases coming to the App Store.

Major releases tend to hit on Thursdays, so we'll be coming at you every Wednesday with the games to look out for, as well as some of the bigger content updates on the way. While this won't be a comprehensive list of games releasing for a given week, it does offer a quick selection of games and upates that show promise or look interesting for one reason or another. Worth noting that we have not played many of these games, so you shouldn't take these as short reviews. Think of this more like a helpful guide of games to investigate as they launch on Thursday.

Random Heroes

No one is saying that touch screens are ideal for twitch-based platformers, but Ravenous Games did a fine job making one work with League of Evil. That same level of expertise is being brought to Random Heroes, which focuses more on character progression and level exploration than speed runs. But you can still rush if you really want to. That's your right.(Universal, $0.99)

Bad Hotel

Bad Hotel is one strange amalgam of genres. On the one hand, you have what appears to be something akin to Tiny Tower, but at a lighting fast pace. On the other, you have more of a tower defense, as small men attempt to hump the base of your ever-expanding structure. And, backing it all up, a dynamic score which changes depending on how you build your tower. Insane and extremely charming. (Universal, $0.99)

Critter Escape

There have been a few of these draw-the-path stealth games (Spy Mouse is probably the closest relative), but Critter Escape adds in fully 3D graphics and a bunch of mini challenges per level. And hey, silly costumes! It's a pretty incredible value at a buck, and manages to not shove in-app purchases in your craw. (Universal, $0.99)


We're breaking one of our rules here, but Gasketball is a release I managed to miss last week and I wanted to make sure we gave it some attention. On paper it sounds a little dull (playing a game of H.O.R.S.E. with a basketball-shooting robot), but it's a remarkably fun game that deserves more attention than it's been getting. For the price of free, there's no reason you shouldn't download it right now...unless you don't have an iPad. That's a valid reason. Oh, and if you dig the game, throw the two guys who made it a couple bucks via in-app purchases, will ya? They deserve it. (iPad, free)