10 worst Mega Man bad guys (that never made it into a game)

Robot masters so goofy that Capcom couldn't use them ... and we can't help but love them

Mega Man Legacy Collection, out today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs, brings together all six of the original, classic Mega Man games released on the NES. It's a great package, but what really brings it together is the inclusion of a ton of bonus archival material — concept art, promotional posters, ads and even some glimpses at potential Mega Man characters that didn't make the cut.

It's that last one that we're interested in here. Mega Man Legacy Collection has dozens of sketches for both regular enemies and boss robot masters that Capcom decided never to use. And some of them are really ridiculous. Let's take a look at a few of our favorites.

Mega Man 2 - Enemy Sketch

mega man soccer robot fix2

I'm not sure what I love most about this unused baddie from Mega Man 2. Is it the goofy smile? Is it the fact that the robot seems to have metallic curly puffs of hair? Nah, I think it's that this enemy doesn't even want to fight our hero. He just wants to kick around the ball!

Mega Man 2 - Enemy Sketch

Mega Man bike robot

This robot just wants to ride his bicycle! My favorite part of the sketch is the little drops of sweat (or ... oil?) flying out of him. Good job, robot. You worked hard today, buddy.

Mega Man 2 - Elephant Borg

Mega Man Legacy Collection Elephant Borg

This robot has inexplicably been built with a trunk. And rad as hell sunglasses. What purpose could these serve? Heck, I dunno, they just look cool. Also, though Elephant Borg never came to be, we did finally get a robot with a trunk in Mega Man X's Flame Mammoth boss.

Mega Man 2 - Kong Man

Mega Man Legacy Collection Kong Man

This nightmare creature is the most horrifying parts of Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Krang. He also has a hole in his head that seems to go straight through him. I can imagine Capcom passed on this robot in order to avoid having his visage haunt young Mega Man 2 players for the rest of their lives.

Mega Man 2 - Plas Man

Mega Man Legacy Collection Plas Man

In addition to having one of the most confusing names — I guess it's supposed to be a play on plasma? — Plas Man is clearly the chillest robot master. Sitting back, cracking open a nice can of oil and giving us the thumbs up. I think we can all learn a lesson from Plas Man's chill.

Mega Man 2 - Water Man (Faucet Man)

Mega Man Legacy Collection faucet man

There have been plenty of water-based enemies in Mega Man's line-up, and the sketches from Mega Man 2 even reveal multiple attempts to create a Water Man for the game. None of them are as gloriously absurd as Faucet Man, though. Worth noting: His hands are spouts as well. Also, don't miss the water droplet symbol on his chest, just in case you weren't certain what a faucet does.

Mega Man 3 - Unused Enemy

mega man legacy collection gun robot

A note if you don't know Mega Man lore: All of the robots Mega Man is fighting were supposed to have been created with public service in mind before Dr. Wily turned them evil. That's why you have robots who look like construction workers and builders and stuff like that. So with that in mind ... what in the hell was this robot's job?

Mega Man 3 - Boss Sketch 6

Mega Man Legacy Collection Smoke Man

The unused boss sketches for Mega Man 3 include a number of variations on the idea of Smoke Man. This one is absolutely the real deal, though, and I'll tell you why. Look at his eyes. Look right into them. This Smoke Man is high as balls. Strangely, when Mega Man defeats Smoke Man and absorbs his power, all he gets is an intense craving for Cheetos.

Mega Man 3 - Boss Sketch 32

mega man legacy collection devil

This is just the devil. Someone at Capcom: "What's the natural evolution for Mega Man after taking down a dozen robot masters? What if he fights Satan?"

Mega Man 3 - Boss Sketch 37

Mega Man Legacy Collection Boss Sketch 37

This robot master has remarkable posture! I would like to see him and Plas Man in an Odd Couple-esque buddy comedy together. Capcom's not doing anything else with these characters, right?

BONUS ROUND: Mega Man 2 Europe Packaging Illustration

Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 2 Europe Packaging Illustration

This is just glorious in every conceivable way, and I had to share it. You can see tons more art from both used and unused characters in Mega Man Legacy Collection. Babykayak