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Polygon’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s that time of the year. Let us help.

Shopping for a loved one who lives and breathes games, or building your own wish list? It's easy to be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices available today.

We've had new console hardware, VR headsets and loads of peripherals released this year, along with an immense number of games for consoles, computers, handhelds and set-top boxes. And what about tabletop games, awesome artwork and other goodies?

We can help ease your burden. We've gone through and picked some of our favorite and most gift-worthy games, accessories, hardware and stocking stuffers from the year, all of which you'll find below. Need a great gaming gift? Start here.

Dark Souls fan art

Under $40

Feeling cheap? We’ve done our best to come up with some selections that won’t make it seem that way.

Overwatch art


Looking for something in that pricing sweet spot? Head in here.



Money no object? The industry loves you. Check out a sampling of high-end gift options.

Firewatch art prints

Video game art

Got a friend or family member with barren (or poorly-adorned) walls or shelves? Here's some sensational game-related art to help spruce up their space.

PlayStation VR

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality broke out big in 2016, and headsets are sure to be hot holiday requests but the price might break your bank. Here's a range of top hardware.

Elgato HD

Streaming devices

Seeking a set-top box or dongle for streaming TV and movies, watching Twitch or playing games? Or want to stream your own footage for all to see? Here's some hardware to consider.


Tabletop games

Sometimes it's nice to unplug and enjoy a tabletop game with friends. Here are a few recent picks to help get the party started — although one actually uses a companion app.

Uncharted 4

PlayStation 4 games

Sony's consoles — the PlayStation 4 and the new PS4 Pro — have some of the best exclusives in gaming today. Here are five top PlayStation picks from 2016.

Gears of War 4 art

Xbox One games

With a mix of anticipated sequels and intriguing originals, Microsoft gave Xbox One owners plenty of reasons to play in 2016. Here's a handful of the top offerings this holiday season.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Wii U games

The Wii U's decline may be obvious, especially with the new Switch console imminent, but the platform still has a handful of great picks this year. Here is what's worth a look this holiday season.


PC games

You won't find many boxed copies of PC games these days, but thankfully Steam and other platforms allow digital gifting. These five games are some of our PC favorites from 2016.

Suicide Squad

Comics, TV and movies

Looking for comics, movies or books about TV? This is for you.

Gaming mice

Gaming mice

Catch up on Polygon's mice choices with this story we did earlier this year.

Gaming headphones

Gaming headphones

Catch up on Polygon's headphone choices with this story we did late last year.

Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards

Catch up on Polygon's keyboard choices with this story we did last year, and have regularly updated since.

NES Classic


Seeking a gift that doesn't fit nicely into one of our other categories? Here are some bonus items that are sure to make someone happy for the holidays.

Best Smartwatch of the year

The smartwatch continues to be an interesting piece of fashionable tech and most of them play games. Check out Polygon's look at this year's best.

Header illustration: Alice Carroll