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Polygon’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Under $40

Feeling cheap? We’ve done our best to come up with some selections that won’t make it seem that way.

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Welcome to our gift guide selections for cheap ideas! Scroll down to see the list, or if you want to head back to our gift guide hub covering games, hardware and memorabilia, click here.

DND Dungeonology

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeonology

Dungeons & Dragons can be intimidating for new players of any age, but Dungeonology tries to demystify the tabletop classic. It's a large, kid-friendly book full of illustrations, dazzling fold-out maps, and other interactive elements, and it helpfully breaks down the D&D experience and universe into approachable chunks.

Templar Publishing/Candlewick Press, $25

Firewatch prints

Firewatch mini art print box

Nearly any scene from Firewatch could thrive as a large art print (and Campo Santo has a few), but we love this set of reproduced flyers from the game. Each features the distinctive touch of artist Olly Moss, and with 10 prints at just 5x7" apiece, you can fill your home or office with these charming hints of the outdoors.

Campo Santo, $25

Dark Souls art print

"Laudate Solis" print

Dark Souls fans, clear some room: Judson Cowan's stunning "Laudate Solis" captures the original game's world Lordran in impressive detail, and is available in a "Slab" size that comes in at 24x68.7". You can get it much smaller (and cheaper too), but if you're a Souls die-hard, you might want to go big here.

Judson Cowan, $12-99


Pokemon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus

Got a loved one who is still trying to catch 'em all in Pokémon Go? Aid his or her quest with the Pokémon Go Plus wristband, which connects wirelessly to your phone and lets you make progress in the game even if you're not looking at it. You'll hatch more eggs, earn bonus candy and snag loads of extra Pokémon.

Nintendo, $35

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Header illustration: Alice Carroll