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Polygon’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: $40-$100

Looking for something in that pricing sweet spot? You’re home.

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Welcome to our gift guide selections for mid-cost ideas! Scroll down to see the list, or if you want to head back to our gift guide hub covering games, hardware and memorabilia, click here.

Daydream View

Daydream View

It only works with Google's new Pixel phones for now, but the Daydream View may jumpstart the VR platform for everyone. We'll soon see more Daydream phones and viewers, plus surely many games and apps. But this is a compelling starting point, especially if you're hot for Google's latest Android.

Google, $79

Steam Link

Steam Link

Got games running on your PC that you'd really rather have flung onto a TV elsewhere in your home? Valve's low-priced Steam Link hardware can help. Just hook it up to your PC, connect it to the same network as your computer, and you can run your Steam games on a much larger screen with a gamepad.

Valve, $50



Scythe more than lives up to the hype from its $1.8 million Kickstarter campaign: This was the best new strategy game we played at Gen Con, and blends elements from European worker-placement games with an area-control classic like Risk. The alt-history, "1920 Battle of Warsaw with mechs" aesthetic is sharp, too.

Stonemaier Games, $80

Overwatch print

"Overwatch" print

If Blizzard's smash shooter has been steadily spinning in your console or PC since launch, then Glen Brogan's stylish group shot might be a perfect fit for your space. The 24x36" print features all 22 current heroes in one eye-catching compilation, and it's limited to 900 pieces.

Glen Brogan, $55

NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

We've got months to wait until the Switch releases, so for now, why not revisit Nintendo's 8-bit roots with the NES Classic Edition? This pint-sized box plugs right into your TV via HDMI and has 30 classic games inside, plus a small classic controller. It's a brilliant flashback — or history lesson, even.

Nintendo, $60

Xbox One Design Lab controller

Xbox One Design Lab controller

For the Xbox lover in your life, check out Microsoft's new Design Lab: it lets you custom-outfit an Xbox One controller with any pairing of colors you'd like, plus you can pay a little extra for laser engraving too. Your favorite player will remember your awesome, one-of-a-kind gesture every time he or she grabs the gamepad.

Microsoft, $80

PlayStation sweater

PlayStation knitted sweater

Know someone who's all about PlayStation? Enhance his or her winter wardrobe with this officially-licensed sweater, a comfy-looking number in classic PSone grey along with the familiar PlayStation logo, buttons, and d-pad icons all over. Keep warm while remembering the 32-bit glory days this holiday season.

Merchoid, $60

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Header illustration: Alice Carroll