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Polygon’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: $100+

Money no object? The industry loves you. Check out a sampling of high-end gift options.

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Welcome to our gift guide selections for high-cost ideas! Scroll down to see the list, or if you want to head back to our gift guide hub covering games, hardware and memorabilia, click here.



HTC's headset is the highest of the high-end when it comes to VR, and that's true not only with the price but also the complexity of the setup: this isn't exactly plug-and-play. But the benefits are immense, thanks to the room-scale design that immerses you within PC games.

HTC, $799

Apple TV

Apple TV (4th Gen)

Don't have a current game console? The Apple TV seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of streaming options, letting you tap into popular video services and Apple's own offerings, plus it has a growing array of games to play on your TV. And you can get a gamepad too, enabling console-esque experiences.

Apple, $149



Like the idea of 4K streaming but want something a bit beefier? NVIDIA's Shield microconsole is the top Android TV option right now, packing a lot more power than the Apple TV and coming with a game controller. It also lets you stream games from a compatible PC over to your TV via the GeForce NOW service.

NVIDIA, $199

Infestation art

"Infestation" woodblock print

If the artwork itself — a samurai-style interpretation of Samus Aran from the Metroid series — isn't alluring enough, the process behind it is absolutely mesmerizing. This print is made from hand-etched mountain cherry wood, with more than a dozen impressions used to apply all the colors.

Ukiyoe Heroes, $135

Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

With the new Second Edition release, Mansions of Madness integrates a smartphone or tablet companion app and becomes faster and more compelling in the process. The Lovecraftian horror game is much easier to learn now, and the essential app both adds atmosphere and streamlines the experience to great benefit.

Fantasy Flight Games, $100

Skyrim sculpture

Skyrim: Dragonborn life size bust

The new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition might amplify the presentation of the beloved role-playing epic, but you'll find even more incredible detail on this 1:1 scale bust of Dragonborn from the game. The hand-painted polystone statue captures the warrior with striking realism, and is limited to 600 pieces.

Gaming Heroes, $999

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Header illustration: Alice Carroll