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Polygon’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Video game art

Got a friend or family member with barren (or poorly-adorned) walls or shelves? Here's some sensational game-related art to help spruce up their space.

Welcome to our gift guide selections for game art! Scroll down to see the list, or if you want to head back to our gift guide hub covering games, hardware and memorabilia, click here.

Infestation art

"Infestation" woodblock print

If the artwork itself — a samurai-style interpretation of Samus Aran from the Metroid series — isn't alluring enough, the process behind it is absolutely mesmerizing. This print is made from hand-etched mountain cherry wood, with more than a dozen impressions used to apply the colors.

Ukiyoe Heroes, $135

Overwatch art

"Overwatch" print

If Blizzard's smash shooter has been steadily spinning in your console or PC since launch, then Glen Brogan's stylish group shot might be a perfect fit for your space. The 24x36" print features all 22 current heroes in one eye-catching compilation, and it's limited to 900 pieces.

Glen Brogan, $55

Firewatch art

Firewatch mini art print box

Nearly any scene from Firewatch could thrive as a large art print (and Campo Santo has a few), but we love this set of reproduced flyers from the game. Each features the distinctive touch of artist Olly Moss, and with 10 prints at just 5x7" apiece, you can fill your home or office with these charming hints of the outdoors.

Campo Santo, $25

Skyrim bust

Skyrim: Dragonborn life size bust

The new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition might amplify the presentation of the beloved role-playing epic, but you'll find even more incredible detail on this 1:1 scale bust of Dragonborn from the game. The hand-painted polystone statue captures the warrior with striking realism, and is limited to 600 pieces.

Gaming Heroes, $650

Dark Souls fan art

"Laudate Solis" print

Dark Souls fans, clear some room: Judson Cowan's stunning "Laudate Solis" captures the original game's world Lordran in impressive detail, and is available in a "Slab" size that comes in at 24x68.7". You can get it much smaller (and cheaper too), but if you're a Souls die-hard, you might want to go big here.

Judson Cowan, $12-99

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Header illustration: Alice Carroll