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A selection of holiday gift ideas

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Polygon’s 2017 holiday gift guide

Find what you might have missed

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You’re stuck. We’ve all been there, wondering what to get others, or what will hold off our own boredom. Video games are great for that, but sometimes they’re not enough. So each year, we put together a guide to help point towards gift ideas related to games and entertainment — some of our favorite things we’ve spotted over the course of the year.

This time around, we focused on items you might not think of otherwise. So if you’re looking for specific games, check out our reviews archive. If you're looking for books, albums, clothing and other fun stuff, you’ve come to the right place.

What are you looking for?

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How much do you want to spend?

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Black Panther Vol. 1: A Nation Under Our Feet, $11.55

Black Panther returns with a whole new approach.

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, $13.59

Kotaku's Jason Schreier put together a great collection of 10 stories highlighting the game development process.

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne shirt, $14.00+

Maybe not fun for all ages, but a lot of fun for those of a certain age.

Comic Bento subscription box, $22.50+

Like comics but not sure what to commit to? Use this for a sampler.

Console history shirt, $14.00+

Because everyone needs a stylish history lesson every now and then.

Custom Xbox controllers, $79.99+

Make it clear which Xbox controller is yours, for better or worse.

Cozmo robot, $179.99

One of our favorite toys returns on our list for another year.

Cuphead deluxe vinyl soundtrack, $100.00+

As soon as Cuphead starts, the music smacks you in the head with its old-timey feel.

Everything vinyl soundtrack, $20.00

One of the year's strangest games gets one of the year's smoothest albums.

Fallout Chess Set, $59.99

We're not going to pretend this is much more than fan service, but it's still pretty great.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Play Arts Cloud figure, $149.99

In typical high-end high-price form, this figure looks great but costs a pretty penny.

Funko Kingdom Hearts box, $29.99

OK, Funko characters are everywhere, but these stand out.

Game Informer subscription, $14.99+

There aren't many big game magazines left, but GI does a great job taking a comprehensive look at what's coming out.

Geek Fuel subscription box, $14.90+

Get a little bit of everything — shirts, toys, comics and more — every month.

Ghosts, $9

Winner of the 2017 Eisner Award for best publication for kids.

Hero of Time (Music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme), $40.00+

Putting a new spin on Nintendo's classic soundtrack to one of the best games ever made.

Hollow Knight plush doll, $22.00

One of the year's best games gets a nice plush doll.

I'm Stuck in a Video Game, $18.00

Looking for a silly game-themed book? Go no further.

Lightseekers Starter Pack, $54.38

A new spin on toys-to-life throws in everything you can think of: AR, VR, trading cards and characters as controllers.

Loot Crate subscription box, $8.99+

Ignore the controversy of the same name and you'll find a nice boxed collection of goods every month.

Mario "Get Off Me" shirt, $17.18+

Classic Mario is always a good look.

Mario Question Block lamp, $29.99

Mario may be a little out of proportion, but it's the idea that counts.

Metroid shirt, $20+

You're going to need something to wear before Metroid arrives on Switch.

Monster Hunter Poogie plush doll, $20.00

This is an old item, with with Monster Hunter World coming up, it's a nice way to get back in the mood.

Nemo's War, $64.99

The classic strategy game returns in this reprint.

NEOGEO: A Visual History, $39.20

Bitmap Books put together a stunningly beautiful collection of Neo-Geo art, photography and interviews.

Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack, $15.00+

A beautiful, nostaligic trip back to the '80s, available on CD or vinyl.

Nintendo Force subscription, $0.99+

If you like your game magazines independent, you can do a lot worse than this look at Nintendo's latest console.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, $74.99

The player-favorite board game returns for a follow-up.

Parappa the Rapper artwork, $25.00

Parappa artist Rodney Greenblat runs a store with all sorts of Parappa merch.

Planet Earth 2, $29.96

The documentary follow-up looks especially great running on Xbox One X.

PlayStation logo shirt, $19.95+

Look like a real Sony employee!

Psychonauts shirt, $24.00

Make it look like you went to camp without really going.

Rez Infinite PC Collector's Edition, $35.00

Most game soundtracks go high tech. For this one, Enhance Games put out a cassette tape.

Rick and Morty Monopoly, $32.30+

They're gonna keep making licensed versions Monopoly, and this is one of the good ones.

Shadow of the Colossus NICO artwork, $90.00+

Get the classic SOTC art in a super high-end print.

Skyrim Dragon Shout artwork, $255.00+

Get a nice print of Bethesda's iconic snowy scene.

Smash Bros. artwork, $20.67+

One of our favorite fan pieces would look great on any wall.

Sonic artwork, $15.99+

Celebrate Sonic Mania being good with this art from Paperbeatsscissors.

Space Harrier artwork, $105.00+

Look back at one of Sega's best arcade games with this art print.

Space Invaders Tiny Arcade game, $19.99

In 2017, you can buy an arcade machine at Cracker Barrel.

Star Wars: Rebellion — Rise of the Empire, $34.50

This expansion is as good a reason as any to jump back into Rebellion.

The Art and Design of Final Fantasy 15, $49.95

Not the first FF15 book, but from the look of things this seems like it'll be one of the best.

The Art of Persona 5, $25.76

One of the most stylish games of the year gets one of the best art books.

Thimbleweed Park art book, $45.00

Take a closer look at some of the nicest pixel art in recent memory.

This be book bad translation, video games!, $15.00

A fun look at game localization, in book form.

Tokyo Kawaii Club subscription, $54.99+

Want cute Disney items straight from Japan?

Tomb of Annihilation, $35.47

Get back into Dungeons & Dragons with Tomb of Annihilation.

Undertale Collector's Edition, $64.00

Locket, soundtrack, booklet, sheet music, etc.

Watchmen: The Annotated Edition, $33.99

Take a deeper look at one of the most popular graphic novels ever made.

Windjammers Frisbee, $12.00

If you told us 10 years ago that we'd ever see Windjammers merch, we would have laughed.

The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story, $27.90

One of the prettiest game books in existence, this one serves as a companion with developer insight rather than as a guide.

Final Fantasy 5 (Boss Fight Books Book 18), $14.24

One of Boss Fight's best books takes a deep look at one of the lesser-known Final Fantasy games in the U.S.

Jon Snow's Backpack, $59.99

Cloak, backpack. Same thing?

Lego Millennium Falcon, $799.99

This is what they call a high-risk, high-reward purchase.

Remote control Poe’s Boosted X-wing Fighter, $59.99

Everything's more fun with a remote control.

Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book CE, $125.00

The Collector's Edition comes in a special box with an art print.

Stranger Things 2 skateboard replica, $249.95

It may not have seemed like product placement at the time ...

Stranger Things-inspired enamel pin, $10.81

Because friends don't lie.

Street Fighter 2 tournament shirt, $18.99+

Pretend like you used to be good at Street Fighter.

The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 deluxe art book, $98.37

This goes far beyond most art books; part even glows in the dark.

Thrustmaster T-GT, $799.99

If you want a super high-end wheel for Gran Turismo Sport, get ready to pay for it.

Woodlands: Forbidden Lands, $150.00

Yes, you need Shadow of the Colossus carved into wood.

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