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A group of warriors from Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 guides, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs

How to become the Warrior of Light

The world of Final Fantasy 14 Online is vast. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, getting started can be confusing and intimidating. We’re here to help.

To make your journey as the Warrior of Light as easy as possible, we have an in-depth beginner’s guide that will teach you the basics. We’ll help you pick a job that you’ll love to play for hours, and we’ll even show you how to change your character’s appearance.

Getting started with FFXIV

Working your way through FFXIV’s expansive free trial can be daunting. While you’re learning the basics, you’ll also want to know which is the best job to choose from the start. If you want to continue past the free trial, you’ll need to know how to buy a subscription.

Getting around in the start of FFXIV can be quite slow, so to help you move through the game faster, check out our guides on how to fast travel (or teleport)l and how to unlock your first mount.

Shadowbringers guides

FFXIV’s latest expansion, Shadowbringers, just received its patch 5.5 update. With it comes a handful of new quests, raids, and trials to complete.

For players who spend their time in Eorzea crafting and gathering, you can now learn how to unlock Count Charlemend’s custom deliveries. This new patch also brings with it the last alliance raid for the expansion, The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. Finally, players can take on on of the last Final Fantasy 7-inspired bosses in The Cloud Deck trial.