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Final Fantasy 14 guide: Endwalker pre-order, collector’s editions, and bonuses

Which version should you get? What’s a pre-order bonus?

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The Warrior of Light stands in Paladin armor on the moon Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Online’s new expansion, Endwalker, is on the horizon with a Nov. 23 release date. Those who purchase the game early will be able to play it in early access starting on Nov. 19, as well as get special pre-order bonus items like Menphina Earrings.

This expansion will finish up the Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc of the game, and allow players to visit areas that we’ve only heard about before, like Old Shalayan and Thavnair. The new healer Sage and melee DPS Reaper jobs will be added with the expansion, as well as the highly-desired male Viera race. All of this content will only be accessible to Endwalker owners, even if you own the FFXIV base game and previous expansions.

Our FFXIV guide will walk you through buying the version that’s best for you, listing out what’s included in the standard and collector’s editions.

FFXIV: Endwalker pre-order bonus

If you pre-order any of the versions that actually include Endwalker, you’ll get early access to the expansion starting Nov. 19 at 4 a.m. EST, according to Square Enix’s support page.

You’ll also get a Wind-up Palom minion and Menphina Earring sent to all your characters in-game.

The Wind-up Palom minion, the Final Fantasy 4 character but with a huge head Image: Square Enix
The Menphina Earring modeled by a female character. The earring is a silver moon with blue crystals. Image: Square Enix

Notably, the Menphina Earring is an adaptive accessory that all jobs can wear until level 80, and its stats adapt and change as you level. It also rewards 30% bonus EXP when wearing it, as long as your character is under level 80. This is perfect for catching up before Endwalker comes out.

To claim the minion and earrings, you’ll need to go on Mogstation and enter a pre-order code given by your selected retailer.

FFXIV: Endwalker Standard Edition

The standard version of Endwalker is $39.99 and comes with the game. That’s it! If you pre-order it, you’ll get sent a code that will allow you to claim the bonuses we listed above.

FFXIV: Endwalker Digital Collector’s Edition

The Digital Collector’s Edition of Endwalker is $59.99 and includes three in-game items: the Arion mount, the Wind-up Porom minion, and the Death Scythe. The scythe is a glamour weapon only usable by the new Reaper job.

The Wind-up Porom minion, of the famous twin from Final Fantasy 4 Image: Square Enix
The Arion mount, which looks like a large steel horse with wings Image: Square Enix
A black and red scythe model from Final Fantasy 11 as seen in Final Fantasy 14 Image: Square Enix

If you end up buying the Standard Edition and change your mind, you can upgrade your version to the Digital Collector’s Edition via Mogstation, under “additional services” and “digital upgrade service.” Upgrading from a pre-order is not available yet, but it will be in the future (and digital upgrades go on sale sometimes).

FFXIV: Endwalker Collector’s Edition

The Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Collector’s Edition spread, including a plush rabbit, a statue of a Paladin, and several prints Image: Square Enix

The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker costs $199.99 and includes a ton of goodies with the game. However, the version of the game that edition includes is only for PC or Mac, so if you’re on PS4 or PS5, you’ll need to buy the Collector’s Box and the Digital Collector’s Edition separately.

The box includes prints with key art, a Loporrits keychain, an Azem stone pin, and a large figure of the default character as a Paladin.

This version is only sold by Square Enix and is currently sold out. We will update this guide if more stock pops up.

FFXIV: Endwalker Collector’s Box

For $140, you can grab just the Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Collector’s Box, which includes all the goodies above without the game code.

This is the best option for PlayStation players who want this fancy box, as it’s discounted the exact amount that it would cost to buy the Digital Collector’s Edition separately.

This version is only sold by Square Enix and is currently sold out. We will update this guide if more stock pops up.

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