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How to unlock Anden’s custom deliveries in FFXIV

Get easy scrips every week by turning stuff into Anden

A Viera sits and stares as a living pile of leaves known as Anden Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Anden, a poor soul trapped by the Pixies, is the latest custom delivery customer in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, as of patch 6.3. Our FFXIV guide details how to unlock Anden’s custom deliveries and the rewards you get for completing them.

Custom deliveries are weekly quests you can complete to earn lots of crafting and gathering EXP and scrips. You’ll also gain satisfaction for each character you do deliveries for and their satisfaction levels will rise, teaching you more about the character. You can only complete a total of 12 custom deliveries per week and six per specific NPC. Deliveries reset every Tuesday morning.

The higher collectability your crafted or gathered turn-in has, the more EXP and scrips you’ll get in return. Scrips can be used to purchase important crafting materials, materia, décor, and other useful loot from Scrip Exchange NPCs.

When you raise Anden’s satisfaction level enough by turning in a bunch of deliveries, you will get the “Anden III” mount and the “Leafman Head” hat, which makes you look like a leafman. Since you can only turn in six deliveries per week, it’ll take a few weeks to get there.

How to unlock Anden’s custom deliveries

In order to unlock Anden’s deliveries, you need to have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Complete the main scenario quest “Endwalker”
  • Complete the quest “Go West, Craftsman
  • Have at least one crafting or gathering job at level 80

Once you have those, you can talk to the “Supplicant Sheep” NPC in The Crystarium to start the quest “That’s So Anden.” We’ve marked their location below.

A female Hyur stands in front of a mysterious sheep Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

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