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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hidden Materia in Sector 4 – Plate Interior guide

Pick up three hidden Materia before blowing up the second Mako reactor

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Image: Square Enix via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, we’ll show you how to find the blue, purple, and red Materia in the second Mako reactor that you visit in Sector 4: Plate Interior.

Collecting different bits of Materia will enable you to cast different spells, or alter some of your existing abilities. You can purchase the Materia at stores or vending machines, but some of it is hiding in the world of Midgar.

Blue Materia location

Elemental Materia

When you’re on your way to shut off the Sun Lamps, you’ll find a blue Materia sitting at the end of a walkway. If you try and walk up to grab it, the walkway will fall apart. You’ll need to come at this Materia from the other side. Progress through the story normally.

When you only have one Sun Lamp left to go — the one directly to the left of the moving platform you’re trying to restore power to — head toward it, taking the gondola across the gap. You’ll exit in an area called Section H – Sun Lamp 3 on the Plate Mid-Level part of your map.

Step off of the gondola, and look for a nearby ladder. Take it down to the lower floor, labeled Section H Utility Access on the Plate Lower Level part of your map.

Follow the path away from the ladder, defeat the two Queen Grashtrikes (they’re weak to Ice damage), and you’ll see a movable platform separating you from the blue Materia.

Walk up to the console and move the platform into place. Walk over your makeshift bridge and pick up your blue elemental Materia. But don’t leave the area yet — the hidden purple Materia is here as well.

Purple Materia location

MP Up Materia

The purple Materia is stuck on top of the vertical platform you just moved into place. Instead of lowering it down to the guard rails and letting it adjust itself into place, hold the controls all the way down so the top support beams of the platform are at eye level.

You’ll see the glowing, purple Materia sitting on top of the platform. Jump off the controls and pick it up.

Red Materia location

Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia, wind elemental damage

You first get a glimpse of this Materia when Cloud, Barret, and Tifa slowly walk along the pipe in front of the industrial fan. Ignore it for now, as you need to reroute some of the reactor’s power first.

Continue along the normal mission, pick up the purple and blue Materia listed above, and after shutting off all three Sun Lamps, head toward your next objective — the massive moving platform you’ve been trying to restore the power to. On your map, that area is called Section H Utility Access in Plate Mid-Level.

Instead of interacting with the console on the cargo platform, go past it and take the smaller gondola. Look for a ladder on a wall in the distance. (If you’re having trouble locating it, the gondola heads west on your map.)

Take the gondola across the gap, climb up the ladder, and you’ll find controls for the big fans in the next room.

When you interact with the controls, a door will open, you’ll have 60 seconds to interact with the console in the adjoining room. The only problem is the small group of enemies between you and the console. Defeat them as quickly as you can — use the Blizzard spell to deal bonus damage — and activate the nearby console. If you fail, you can keep trying until you get it.

With the fan turned off, the door nearby will slide open and you’ll be able to walk into the fan chamber. Walk up to the still blades and pick up your second Summoning Materia.

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