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Final Fantasy 7 remake guide: Sector 5 Slums church hidden Materia location

How to get past the shadows and pick up the hidden Materia

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Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, collecting different bits of Materia will enable you to cast different spells or alter some of your existing abilities. You can purchase Materia at stores or vending machines, but some of it is hiding in the world of Midgar.

When you’re on the run through the church with Aerith, you’ll see an inaccessible yellow Materia. Here’s how to pick it up.

Yellow Materia

Chakra Materia

In Sector 5, as you and Aerith are making a run through the church from the soldiers and shadows, you’ll come across a blocked door with a clear yellow glow behind it. There’s Materia here, but you can’t get it right now. Leave the church and progress a bit farther in the story.

After you head back to Aerith’s house and walk around Sector 5, the two of you will go on a mission to rescue some kids. When you take them back to the town, you’ll open up a new group of side quests to do. Ignore these for now, and start making your way out of town.

Open your map and follow the path back to the station — you don’t need to take the long path you and Aerith just escaped from. Follow the path until you’re back at the abandoned area near the church (it’s labeled on the map if you get lost). Just follow the road this time — no need to go back on the rooftops again either — until you reach the church.

The church doors are wide open, so step inside and walk past Aerith’s flower bed and through the door in the back right. You’ll notice all the spirits are gone. Walk up to the room you previously saw the yellow Materia in, and pick it up. There’s also a chest on the other side of the room in a similar hallway.

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