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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Find music discs and add songs to your Music Collection

Tips for finding all 31 tracks for FF7’s jukeboxes

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Cloud stands in front of a jukebox in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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There’s always a lot to look at when wandering around the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but if you’re hunting for songs, keep your eyes locked to the upper left corner of your screen.

In this guide, we’ve corralled tips for finding music discs, which you can play in jukeboxes throughout Midgar.

How to find music discs

Whenever you’re around music playing in the world, a music note icon will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. If you haven’t collected that particular song yet, the icon will display “???” That’s the sign that you’re near a new collectible tune, and now you have to find it.

You can see the music discs you’ve collected in the Inventory > Music Collection menu, and w’ve never found a record sitting on the ground or tucked away in a corner. Based on our experience, there are three places where you can find new songs: vending machines, jukeboxes, and NPCs.

Vending machines

Most vending machines in the world just say “potion” on them, but a select few also say “music.” These are the ones you’re looking for. Music and potion machines always have a new track for sale (they’re also very cheap, so don’t sweat the gil). Keep an eye on the upper left corner of your screen when you run by one to see if you already have it.


There are also several jukeboxes around the world, usually in bars or on the street in Wall Market. You can occasionally pick up new tunes when interacting with the jukebox.

FF7 Remake Hip Hop de Chocobo song music disc
The “Hip Hop de Chocobo” song is a gift from the DJ NPC
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

If you see the icon and hear some new music while wandering the world, but there’s no jukebox or vending machine in sight, then look for an NPC. Speak to any characters standing around. When you find the one with the prompt, they’ll tell you about the music and offer the disc for free.

For example, during “The Power of Music” quest in Wall Market, you’ll find all three songs by visiting with NPCs.

Below, you can see a chart noting where to find every music disc.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake music disc locations

CD # Song Title Chapter Location
CD # Song Title Chapter Location
1 The Prelude 3 Sector 8 item shop
2 Bombing Mission 7 Vending machine in Mako Reactor 5 behind a door activated by three switches
3 Tifa's Theme 3 Jukebox in Seventh Heaven
4 Barret's Theme 3-4 Sector 7 train station item shop
5 Lurking in the Darkness 15 Vending machine along the way up the Sector 7 plate
6 Let the Battles Begin 11 Vending machine in the Train Graveyard Maintenance Facility
7 Turk's Theme 14 Purchased from an old woman north of Wall Market
8 Under the Rotting Pizza 9 Jukebox in Wall Market by the inn
9 The Oppressed 10 Vending machine in the sewers
10 Honey Bee Inn 9 Pharmacy in Wall Market
11 Don of the Slums 9 Basement in Don Corneo's mansion
12 Fight On! 14 Souvenir shop in Wall Market
13 The Chase 14 Vending machine in the sewers
14 Main Theme of FF7 13 Vending machine in the Shinra Testing Facility
15 On Our Way 13 Item shop by the playground in the Sector 6 Slums
16 Good Night, Until Tomorrow 14 Gifted by an old man at the Wall Market inn
17 Farm Boy 9 Gifted by cowgirls near a bar entrance in Wall Market
18 Electric de Chocobo 6 Vending Machine in the Ventilation Facilities Control Room
19 Costa del Sol 8 Sector 5 slums Materia shop
20 Gold Saucer 8 Moogle Emporium shop
21 Cait Sith's Theme 8 Sector 5 slums train station vending machine
22 Cosmo Canyon 9 Vending machine in the Collapsed Expressway
23 Descendant of Shinobi 14 Gifted by Johnny at the Sector 5 slums station
24 Wutai 14 Gifted by an NPC in the Wall Market's Urban Advancement District
25 Tango of Tears 8 Jukebox near Leaf House the Sector 5 slums
26 Let the Battles Begin -REMAKE- 9 Get 10 "great" hits during the Honeybee Inn dance tutorial
27 Hip Hop de Chocobo 3 Gifted by an NPC near the Seventh Heaven
28 Stamp 5 Vendning Machine in the Corkscrew Tunnel
29 The Midgar Blues 9 Gifted by a singer at a Wall Market bar
30 Stand Up 14 Gifted by an NPC in the alley near the Honeybee Inn
31 Scarlett's Theme 16 Jukebox in the Combat Simulator Lounge

Correction: A previous version of this guide listed the complete amount of music discs at 30. We’ve updated the text to reflect the correct amount.

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