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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Reno boss fight

How to take down Reno in Aeirth’s church

Image: Square Enix
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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Reno is a rare boss that pits Cloud without a party against a single enemy. Cocky as he is, Reno can be a real pain if you’re not sure how to beat him. But if you remember some of Cloud’s tools introduced early on in the game, this guy shouldn’t cause you much trouble.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Reno in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Reno’s Battle Intel and weaknesses

Reno’s weakness chart
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Reno doesn’t really have any weaknesses, but to stay away from magic and lightning attacks unless he’s out of range. Taking Reno down with your sword is the way to go.

How to beat Reno

From Reno’s opening cutscene you can tell one thing about him: he’s fast. That translates into his fighting style, and he’ll defeat you quickly if you’re not prepared. But taking on Reno’s speed is easy if you know what to do.

Use Punisher Mode and block Reno

Press the Triangle button to use Cloud’s Punisher Mode. It’s slower, but it also has advantages.

Holding the block button (R1) wile in Punisher Mode causes Cloud to automatically parry every incoming melee attack he receives, and that includes a majority of Reno’s attacks. Outside of any attacks with long windups, you can and should counter Reno constantly. These counterattacks deal massive Stagger damage to Reno, and follow up swings from Punisher will damage his health bar.

Use Operator Mode to destroy the orbs

About halfway through the encounter, he’ll start to spawn little electric orbs that chase you down and try to stun you. Press Square, switch to Cloud’s Operator Mode, and slice through the orbs as quickly as you can.

When they’re gone, turn your focus back on Reno. You can keep using your counter technique until he’s dead. Just be careful to dodge when Reno launches his ranged attacks.

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