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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: How to beat Fat Chocobo

Take down this summon in VR to gain its red Summon Materia

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Cloud from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake wearing VR googles Image: Square Enix via Polygon

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your friend Chadley allows you to obtain red Summon Materia if you can defeat virtual reality versions of powerful enemies. One of those is the adorable and devastating Fat Chocobo.

In Chapter 9, you’ll find Chadley in Wall Market, and he’ll offer you the chance to battle the Fat Chocobo. Defeat it, and you’ll add it to your Summon Materia ranks. While this fight isn’t as difficult as the one against the ice-elemental Shiva, the large bird can still wipe out your entire team if you’re not careful.

Here’s what Fat Chocobo attacks to look out for, what tactics to implement against it, and the best Materia to bring into the fight.

How to beat Fat Chocobo

The enemy intel screen for the Fat Chocobo in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Image: Square Enix via Polygon

This optional fight against the Fat Chocobo isn’t too difficult, but if you’re careless you’ll die quickly.

Fat Chocobo tactics

The large bird doesn’t have any inherent weakness to exploit, but if you put on enough pressure through repeated attacks, you can put the Fat Chocobo into a Staggered state.

Fat Chocobo doesn’t move around often, so there will be plenty of chances for you to lay heavy, repeated strikes against it. Use attacks like Cloud’s Focused Strike to fill up its stagger meter.

While it’s easy to understand when to lay into the Fat Chocobo, you also have to be mindful of its Moogle companions who constantly summon minions to fight alongside the big creature. You can’t attach the Moogles, so pay attention to what they throw at you.

Fat Chocobo’s attacks

When Fat Chocobo actually goes on the offensive, it will try and use its large body to crush you, or it may throw piles of random trash at you. The best tactic is to run away.

Moogles are actually the biggest threat in this fight. They’ll summon doppelgangers of other enemies to attack you. If you don’t deal with the summoned creatures, you can get quickly overrun and lose an otherwise simple fight.

Here are some moves to watch out for:

  • Boom: The Fat Chocobo will jump up and then smash the ground, crushing whoever is below it.
  • Bombs Away: The bird will wipe out a large bomb and toss it forward.
  • Fingers crossed, kupo: This is the main attack of the Moogles. Each bomb tossed after this attack will randomly spawn a dark purple version of enemies like a Tonyberry or Bomb. However, there is a random chance that this attack will spawn a friendly Carbuncle that will cast Ruby Light on your party, granting a boost to your physical defense like the Barrier spell. There’s also a chance that a Cactuar will appear and run around the battlefield causing damage if it slams into you.
  • Kweh Kweh: The chocobo will start rolling and jumping all over the battle arena. Once it stops however, you’ll have an increased chance to stagger it.
  • Roly-Poly: The bird will roll back and forth trying to crush you.

Best Materia for Fat Chocobo

Barrett faces off against the Fat Chocobo in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Since the Fat Chocobo has no major weaknesses, you can bring whatever you like to this fight. As long as you keep up the pressure and consistently attack the large creature and the smaller summoned minions, the fight should be relatively easy.

  • Cure Materia: Even though the fight is fairly straightforward, the Fat Chocobo hits hard. Also, if several of its minions corner you, your health can drop really quickly. Make sure Cloud and his companions have Cure Materia equipped since each of your characters can get overwhelmed by minions or the surprisingly fast-moving Fat Chocobo.
  • Barrier: Since you’ll be taking a lot of physical damage from the Fat Chocobo, the Barrier Materia will help you reduce all the physical damage it deals.
  • Magic Up and MP Up Materia: Outside of using ATB Points to cast abilities like Cloud’s Focused Strike, use plenty of spells for healing. For your additional party members, you can use whatever their strongest attacks are — or put the strongest elemental Materia on them like Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Wind.

Once you defeat the Fat Chocobo, you will automatically receive its Summon Materia.

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