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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Eligor boss fight

Take down the spectral rider in chapter 11

Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll fight Eligor after your long run through the ghost-infested train yard. Just as the Sector 7 strut is in view, this ghoulish, chariot riding grim reaper will appear to ruin your day. Like some of the other FF7 Remake bosses we’ve written about, Eligor isn’t terribly tough, but it is fully frustrating.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Eligor in Chapter 11 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Eligor’s Battle Intel and weaknesses

Use ice Materia to weaken Eligor
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Eligor is weak to ice Materia, which can make him a serious pain. Make sure you give Aerith your most powerful ice Materia before going into this fight. You also need wind Materia to knock Eligor out of the sky.

Eligor is also the rare boss holding a weapon you can use. But you need to use Steal Materia to get it. Equip one of your allies with Steal before you enter the fight. Successfully use the spell to get the Bladed Staff for Aerith.

How to beat Eligor

Eligor is an annoying boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, loaded with stuns and silences designed to make you sad. If you don’t have Aerith’s Arcane Ward ability unlocked from her first weapon, we highly recommend that you unlock it by casting it on the enemies prior to the Eligor boss fight.

Use Aerith’s Arcane Ward often

When the fight starts, drop an Arcane Ward in a corner of the arena. This causes you to double cast magic from inside the ward. You’ll need to cast a lot of wind Materia at Eligor later in the fight, and it’s weak to ice Materia. Use this powerful ability to your advantage.

Avoid Sweeping and Piercing Gaze

Eligor has two extremely obnoxious gaze abilities:

  • Sweeping Gaze causes it to fire a laser out of its eye along a short path. If it hits you, it will silence you — meaning you can’t cast any spells for a short time, which is bad because you need them for this fight.
  • Piercing Gaze is a straight laser beam that does a ton of damage, stuns, and silences you.

If you’re watching for one of these names to appear above Eligor’s head, you can easily dodge out of the way. But if Eligor keeps hitting you with these abilities, it’s easy to lose party members.

Shoot it out of the sky with wind
Stand in the Arcane Ward to double up your wind Materia
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

After you beat down Eligor’s first form, it will rise into the sky and start raining javelins down on your party. This move is obnoxious to deal with, so do your best to follow under Eligor as it circles the arena.

When it stops to cast javelins, this is your chance. Stand behind Eligor and cast wind Materia at it. Once you raise its Stagger gauge, it will crash back to the earth. Note that you must use wind Materia to knock it out of the sky, thanks to its powerful protective barrier.

Use Shiva once it’s on the ground

Eligor on the ground is much easier to deal with. The wheels that were previously immune in the first phase are now breakable, and you can pelt it with ice Materia for some serious damage. Speaking of ice, summon Shiva once Eligor is back on the ground, as she’ll deal some massive ice damage for you.

But be careful: Just because the flying section of the fight — the worst part — is over, Eligor still has some devastating tricks. Keep an eye out around your feet for a glowing circle, which means you need to dodge out of the way of an incoming javelin.