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Final Fantasy 7 Remake post-game unlocks and endgame guide

Not a traditional new game plus, but still plenty to unlock

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Cloud from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake wearing VR googles Image: Square Enix via Polygon

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s post-game content is not the traditional new game plus you might expect from other role-playing games, you’ll unlock several new features when you beat the game.

After the credits roll, you’ll be kicked back to your options screen, and information panels pop up detailing what you’ve unlocked. Here’s what you unlock for beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

  • Chapter Selection: Replay any chapter.
  • Hard Mode: A challenging new difficulty for each chapter.
  • Double EXP and triple materia AP: Level up your characters and materia faster.
  • Play Log: See details like the amount of enemies you’ve Assessed, how many Battle Intel Reports you’ve completed, and more.
  • New VR battles: New battles from Chadley and the Shinra Battle Simulator.

Chapter Selection

Don’t worry if you beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake without completing every side quest, finishing every VR mission, duking it out with every colosseum enemy, or collecting all of the various manuscripts hidden in each chapter. After you’ve completed the game, you can go back and load any previous chapter.

Being able to replay chapters and make different decisions can be really helpful, especially if you’re trying to unlock the other two Chapter 14 resolutions you didn’t witness.

To use the new Chapter Selection feature:

  • Choose the System option in the main menu
  • Go to Chapter Selection
  • Choose the chapter of your choice

All of the progress you’ve made beforehand, like your experience level and unlocked equipment and materia, will carry over to the chapters you load.

Notable chapters to revisit in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

There are a few chapters worth revisiting with the Chapter Selection feature, especially if you’re trying to platinum the game. We’ve listed them below.

  • Chapter 3 to answer the prompt for Tifa’s different Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 8 to complete quests for Aerith’s different Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 9 to complete any of Aerith’s solo Colosseum Challenges and to complete different quests for Cloud’s Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 14 to complete the Colosseum Challenges with Tifa and Barrett
  • Chapter 17 to access the Shinra Combat Simulator

Hard Mode

Once you’ve selected a chapter to replay, you’ll be asked to choose a difficulty. If you choose Hard Mode, you will no longer be able to use items, and resting only restores HP.

While you can’t just restart the game with Hard Mode enabled for a traditional new game plus run, you can choose the first chapter and start from there. Enemies in this mode will also scale with your level.

If you head back to the Shrina Combat Simulator back in Chapter 17, you’ll also find several Hard Mode-only challenges that are the most difficulty combat encounters in the game. There are also several manuscripts that you can only obtain in Hard Mode.

PlayStation Plus

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