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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Chapter 14 side quests

Find and complete all of the side quests in Chapter 14

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Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake opens up unlike any chapter before or after it. You’ll have access to nine new side quests during this chapter — the final side quest section before the story ends.

Here’s where to pick up all nine quests and a brief description of what you’ll need to do in each.

Missing Children

For “Missing Children,” you need to talk to the school teacher near the Sector 5 school. She’ll ask you to go out and find her kids once again. Head to the cemetery near the junkyard — you should have picked up a key from Moggie earlier in the game. Kill the ghosts here to rescue the kids.

Chocobo Search

Walk outside of the Sector 5 town and speak to Sam’s stable hand. He’ll unlock the new chocobo fast travel system and send you on a hunt for three missing chocobos. You’ll find the birds in the junkyard, by the church, and in the Collapsed Expressway.

Check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Chocobo Search” quest guide for detailed advice about finding the missing chocobos.

Malicious Goons

To pick up the “Malicious Goons” quest, talk to Madam M outside her shop in the Wall Market. She’ll tell you some Shinra baddies are after Aerith’s house. You need to put a stop to that.

Head back to the Sector 5 slums and toward Aerith’s house. Look for the small arena where you previously fought Rude. Walk in, and you’ll battle the Tonberry. This thing is adorable, but lethal. If it gets close to you or a party member and slices with its all-powerful kitchen knife, it will insta-kill whoever it touches. Keep your characters as far away as you can and use magic, or try to hit its back. Eventually it will try and stun all of you, so try to spread out as much as you can.

When you kill the Tonberry, you’ll finish the quest.

Secret Medicine

For this quest, the Sector 5 doctor needs you to pick up three ingredients for him: Aerith’s medicinal herbs, a Moogle’s mortar, and a Behemoth’s horn.

For the Behemoth’s horn, you need to finish the Subterranean Menace quest below. You’ll find the flowers in the church and the mortar at Moggie’s shop in the Sector 5 kid’s hideout.

Check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Secret Medicine” guide for detailed instructions about this quest.

The Power of Music

When you find new music, play it for the nearby villagers
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Near the jukebox in Wall Market, you’ll find a little girl trying to cheer people up. She needs you to find three pieces of music for the jukebox.

Walk around Wall Market looking for the musical notes in the upper left corner of your screen. When you see “???” talk to nearby NPCs until one of them gives you the new record. When you’ve found all three, head back to the jukebox and play all of the new songs.

For detailed instructions about where to find all three, read our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Power of Music” guide.

Wavering Heart

In the Wall Market gym, you’ll run into Andrea. After taking one look at Tifa, he’ll challenge her to a pull-up contest. Accept his request and beat him in the new pull-up minigame. Completing this quest will unlock the pull-up game against some of the other gym rats — leading to more prizes.

Subterranean Menace

In the playground outside of Sector 6, you’ll find Wymer. He’ll ask you to clear the Underground Lab of monsters. Crawl under the giant cat head to reach the Underground Lab. Battle through the dungeon, and kill the Behemoth at the end. Return to Wymer to complete the quest.

For tips on beating the Behemoth, read our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Secret Medicine” guide.

Corneo’s Secret Stash

This is a long quest that lets you open up the locked gates with the red dragons on them. You’ll need to complete the Tomboy Bandit quest below to get the key, and then unlock the Corneo Stashes in the junkyard, Collapsed Expressway, and sewer.

For a full walkthrough of this quest, check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Corneo’s Secret Stash” guide.

Tomboy Bandit

Near the train station in the Sector 5 slums, Johnny will flag you down. Someone stole his wallet and he needs it back. Head to the Sector 5 church to confront Kyrie. You’ll need to compete for her in the coliseum to get Johnny’s wallet back.

For a full walkthrough of this quest, read our Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Corneo’s Secret Stash” guide.

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