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Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Chadley’s Battle Intel Reports

Complete Battle Intel Reports for Chadley and collect new, powerful Materia

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Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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Early on in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll run into Chadley — a bizarre NPC child with a monocle. Chadley wants you to collect some battle intel for him. He’ll give you the Assess ability to analyze your foes so you can bring data back to him. In exchange, he promises some never before seen Materia.

Chadley’s missions are important and easy to do. Equip Assess on Cloud, and use your first action point of every encounter to assess any enemies you haven’t seen before. If you’re unsure if you’ve assessed an enemy yet, press in the touchpad to pull up any existing intel on current enemies.

Completing Chadley’s requests unlocks new Materia and Summons for you to earn through VR missions. Note that Chadley’s intel is retroactive, so you can complete any of these missions before you’ve actually unlocked them.

Here’s a complete list of Chadley’s Battle Intel.

Monster Bio Pt. 1

Conditions: Assess two enemy types

Reward: Auto-Cure Materia

Magic Elements Pt. 1

Conditions: Hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice, or lightning using the appropriate magic

Reward: Wind Materia

The Stagger Effect Pt. 1

Conditions: Use unique abilities on staggered enemies and charge the ATB gauge 10 times

Reward: First Strike Materia

The Stagger Effect Pt. 2

Conditions: Stagger 15 enemy types

Reward: ATB Boost Materia

Combat Simulation: Shiva

Conditions: Defeat Shiva in a VR Mission

Reward: Shiva Materia

Monster Bio Pt. 2

Conditions: Assess 10 enemy types

Rewards: Steadfast Block Materia

Monster Elements Pt. 2

Conditions: Exploit weaknesses of 15 enemy types

Rewards: Steal Materia

The Manipulation Technique

Conditions: Defeat two or more enemies with a single attack

Rewards: Provoke Materia

Monster Variants P.1

Conditions: Defeat monsters of three unique varieties

Rewards: Synergy Materia

Combat Simulations: Fat Chocobo

Conditions: Defeat a Fat Chocobo

Rewards: Fat Chocobo Materia

Monster Bio Pt. 3

Conditions: Assess 20 enemy types

Rewards: Item Master Materia

The Stagger Effect Pt. 3

Conditions: Increase stagger damage bonus to 200%

Rewards: Parry Materia

Refocus Analysis

Conditions: Trigger Refocus two times

Rewards: ATB Assist Materia

Combat Simulation: Leviathan

Conditions: Defeat Leviathan

Rewards: Leviathan Materia

Monster Bio Pt. 4

Conditions: Assess 30 enemy types

Rewards: Enemy Skill Materia

Weapon Abilities

Conditions: Acquire all 16 weapon abilities

Rewards: Skill Master Materia

MP Consumption

Conditions: Master all 12 types of magic Materia

Rewards: MP Absorption Materia

Monster Variants Pt. 2

Conditions: Defeat monsters of 10 unique varieties

Rewards: HP Absorption Materia

Note: We’re still trying to unlock the 20th Battle Intel, which we believe is a Summon Materia.

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