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Visit all of the Corrupted Areas – Fortnite challenge guide

We’ll show you how to complete this Week 2 challenge from Season 6

Epic Games via Polygon
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In this, the second week of Fortnite’s season 6, we’re presented with the following challenge: “Visit all of the Corrupted Areas.” Apparently there are seven of them in total, but unlike most of the challenges where we’re tasked with finding stuff in Fortnite, this one is pretty easy.

Why? Well, because they’re marked super clearly on the map:

Fortnite “Visit all of the Corrupted Areas” challenge Epic Games via Polygon

Yep, those purple blotches are what you’re looking for. There are exactly seven of them, which means you’ll have to visit each and every one if you’re looking to complete this challenge.

While you’re at it, you may want to consider completing another challenge: “Use a Shadow Stone in different matches.” Shadow Stones are those small cube pick-ups that only appear in Corrupted Areas. You’ll need to grab one in three different matches, so if you’re finishing the first challenge in one sitting, you may as well finish this one while you’re at it.

Unfortunately for you, the rest of the challenges this week aren’t as easy and require getting all sorts of kills with snipers, SMGs and various other weapons at range. Good luck with that!

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