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Fortnite Battle Royale guide: Dance on different Dance Floors weekly challenge

We’ve got some easy dance floor locations so you can bang out this Week 8 challenge in no time

In addition to the Search Between Three Boats challenge, Fortnite Battle Royale’s week 8 has another head-scratcher. The challenge: Dance on different Dance Floors. Three of them, to be exact. Uh, since when were there dance floors in Fortnite? Since the latest update!

Luckily, you don’t have to dance on all three of them in a single game. In fact we’d really recommend doing them right at the start of three different matches to get them out of the way. Here are the locations:

Fortnite dance floor map
Fortnite Battle Royale dance floor locations
Epic Games

Dance Floor 1 - Flush Factory

Parachute into the east side of Flush Factory. Your first dance floor is in a small building and is a breeze to find.

Dance Floor 2 - East of Retail Row

Just east of Retail Row is a small RV park. In the middle of the park is a large barn. The dance floor is in the barn (natch). It may require some destruction to get there, depending on which side you enter from.

Dance Floor 3 - Southwest of Pleasant Park

If you head southwest from Pleasant Park, you’ll find a haunted house surrounded by trees. The dance floor is on the ground level.

With those three out of the way you are free to dance wherever makes your heart soar.

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