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Fortnite Battle Royale hidden gnome locations guide

Find all seven gnomes in the “Search the hidden gnome in different named locations” Week 7 challenge

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Fortnite Battle Royale’s season two, week 7 challenges are live. One of them requires that you “search the hidden gnome in different named locations” around the map. It’s a bit of a pain to find all seven, but lucky for you we’ve gone through the trouble of tracking them down ourselves. All you need to do is sit back and watch the the video above, or read our written guide below.


Epic Games

Head to the massive, clown-themed restaurant in the middle of Tomato Town. If you take the back door and turn right, the gnome is behind a chair in the offices.


Epic Games

In the middle of Salty Springs is a house with a large log sitting on its broken roof. Head into that house and go downstairs into the basement. Now take a U-turn and look under the basement stairs. Bingo!


Epic Games

Head to the large church. Use your pickaxe on the northern outer wall, on the lowest level. Head inside, and the gnome will be sitting on your right.


Epic Games

Head to the building in the northeast corner of town. On the lower level you’ll find a bathroom. The gnome is hiding behind the bathtub.


Epic Games

This one’s easy. Look for the giant water tower in the east side of town. At the bottom of it is a small shack. The gnome is inside, behind some pipes.


Epic Games

Glide to the southern-most building in Snobby Shores. It’s the modern-looking one that’s super low to the ground. If you enter from the south side of the building, you’ll walk into a bedroom with a large dresser in it. Destroy the dresser to reveal a secret passage downstairs. The gnome is in a bathroom down there, behind the tub.


Epic Games

Glide to the large burger joint in the middle of town. The gnome is in the back of the burger joint, in the leftmost bathroom. He’s in a stall, but you can collect him through the wall.

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