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Your guide to Fortnite’s jetpacks

Fortnite getting jetpacks is going to change a lot about the game

Fortnite’s jet pack in action Epic Games via Polygon

Epic Games has finally added the long-rumored jetpacks to Fortnite with the v4.2 content update. They’re only limited-time items, and they’re kind of a big deal. I jumped online to see what the jetpacks are like in action, and yep, they’re going to change things pretty significantly while they’re around.

Where can you find jetpacks in Fortnite?

The jetpacks are Legendary items found in treasure chests. They’re not going to be all over the place, and you may have to play a few rounds to get one.

How do jetpacks work in Fortnite?

The jetpack will take up a space in your inventory and must be equipped like any weapon before it can be used. You’ll see it on your back when it’s ready to go; it’s not very subtle.

Wearing a jetpack in Fortnite
Can you tell if I’m wearing a jetpack or not?
Epic Games via Polygon

You fly by hitting the jump button while you’re in the air, and you’ll gain altitude for as long as you hold the button down. Your horizontal movement is pretty slow, however, so don’t expect to cover a lot of ground while you’re flying.

You also have to keep track of how much fuel is in your jetpack while in use The indicators to the left and right of the round portion of the jetpack will let you know exactly how much fuel you have remaining, and you will begin to fall if it runs out. Not paying attention to this limitation is a very efficient way of taking falling damage. Your fuel will recharge while you’re on the ground.

The meter next to the jetpack in your inventory bar will tell you how much use you have in the jetpack in total, and the jetpack will break apart and then disappear once that indicator is exhausted. This meter does not recharge, so it’s basically telling you the overall life you have left in the jetpack.

Again, you can and will take falling damage if the jetpack breaks while you’re in the air; paying attention to how much juice you have left in both places is crucial.

Can you refuel Fortnite’s jetpacks at gas stations?

This is a rumor we saw in Twitch chat, and we tested it in-game. No, you can’t. Sorry.

Can you shoot at other players while in the air?

Damn straight you can. You can also throw grenades. What you can’t do is use targeting mode or scopes of any kind. I think you’re going to see a lot of players flying around with shotguns, as that seems to be a pretty effective combination if you’re not the best shot.

Shotguns and jetpacks just seem to go together
Epic Games via Polygon

Why are jetpacks such a big deal?

Because now, people will be able to fly to higher spots on the map and camp there with their sniper rifles without building a structure to get there, which will make it easier to hide. The vertical aspect of Fortnite is going to get really interesting while the jetpacks are active in-game, and it’s going to be fun to see how the best players use this new “backpack” item.

What other backpacks are in Fortnite?

That’s a good question. The jetpacks belong to a new item type called backpacks, but they’re the only ones that have been announced or found in the game. Let the wild speculation begin in the comments if you have any ideas for other items that would make good backpacks in Fortnite.

Is The Rocketeer still the best movie about jetpacks?


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