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Search between three oversized seats - Fortnite Week 8 challenge location guide

We’ll show you how to find the Battle Star in this Week 8 challenge for Season 6

This week’s Fortnite star challenge is a little confusing, but don’t worry we’ve got the solution all worked out for you. The challenge is: “Search between three oversized seats.” In case that isn’t ringing any bells, let’s count the seats. First there’s the giant wooden chair south of Shifty Shafts, second there’s the giant toilet outside of Flush Factory and finally just east of that there’s a shipping container chair that’s a little tougher to see. So, where’s the star? It’s on the mountain between all three.

Epic Games via Polygon

Yep, right on top of the mountain, in the area with three trees, is where you can find week eight’s star. Once you’re at the top of the mountain you can see a small patch of dirt just to the southwest of the three trees where you can pick up the star.

Epic Games via Polygon

If you want to collect this Battle Star, and the rest of the week eight challenges, you’ll have to do it soon because we’re only a few weeks away from the end of Season 5. And the hints for the beginning of next season are already rolling in.

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