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Visit all Expedition Outposts - Fortnite Challenge Guide

Looking for a map to show you where all the Expedition Outposts are?

Fortnite Outpost Epic Games
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Some of this week’s Fortnite challenges are more difficult than others, but thankfully this week’s location-based objective isn’t too complicated at all. “Visit all Expedition Outposts” is a silver tier challenge that requires you to do exactly what it says, just visit each of the Fortnite map’s big red tents and the challenge will be complete.

In case you aren’t sure exactly where those tents are here’s a handy map with all seven locations.

Fortnite Week 7 Challenge 1
Fortnite Expedition Outposts locations map
Epic Games via Polygon

The big red tents are easy to spot against the landscape around it meaning that you won’t have to do any complicated searching. Best of all, each of these can be done right off of the Battle Bus. All you have to do is land on top of the tent and the challenge will grant you credit, making one-per-match an easy goal to achieve.

Thanks to how spread out each outpost is from the others, there’s not a great way to visit several tents in one game if you’re just walking. The best chance for getting multiple done is to hope that the outpost you landed at first has an X-4 plane and if it does, hop in and fly to the next objective. If you do get lucky enough to snag a plane — and get a good circle of course — you could probably grab almost all of these in one go, completing this challenge all at once.

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