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Pop 10 golden balloons – Fortnite challenge guide

Whether it’s with a gun or your ax, here’s where you can find some balloons to pop

Pop 10 Golden Balloons – Fortnite challenge guide Epic Games

Fortnite week 9 has a couple of challenges that are hard to find. While one of them requires you to dance at different locations, this one asks players to pop 10 golden balloons.

The balloons are spread out all over the map, and there’s way more than 10 available for you to find. So, here’s a helpful map that shows you where all the balloons are so you can get out there and start popping them.

Fortnite golden balloons locations map
All the golden balloons for the week 9 challenge
Epic Games via Polygon

The balloons in-game looks just like this:

Pop 10 Golden Balloons – Fortnite challenge guide
A gold balloon from the week 9 challenge
Epic Games

As for how to pop them, there are a few different methods. Obviously the easiest is just to shoot them. Any gun should work fine, and they only need one hit to count toward the challenge. If you’re light on ammo (or just want to pop the balloons before looking for guns), you can also run right up to them and use your ax, but you may need to gather a few materials first as they can be a little hard to reach. Just like with the guns, it’ll only take one hit to pop each balloon with the ax and get you progress on this challenge.

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